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Beowulf's Influnce On Modern Day Media

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From the Lord of the Rings to Star Wars, Beowulf has been turned to as a source of inspiration. Whether referencing specific scenes of becoming entangled with sea-monsters or simply turning to Grendel as a character model, those in the arts turn to Beowulf over any other story. This is not without good reason; as people referenced it and turned to it more, Beowulf stood the test of time above all other stories as the quintessential epic tale and continues to to this day. And what is an epic tale without its titular epic hero? As his story stands as the epic piece, Beowulf stands as the greatest example of an epic hero, featuring all of the main qualities, including (but not limited to) such qualities as a god-like, world-renowned position among the people, and a bravery of a near insidious kind, such that it even becomes his third trait as well, as his obligatory personal hamartia.
To begin, our impeccable Beowulf holds a god-like stance among the people he meets, all of whom seem to know him already, whether it be for previous deeds or otherwise. He was renowned by the Geats “…for his great bravery” and admired by “…wise men [for] his spirit of adventure” (152, 159). In addition, Wulfgar, messenger of Hrothgar, King of Denmark, “…[had] no doubt of [Beowulf’s] might” (323-324). The king’s own messenger had no doubt of Beowulf’s might against the monster Grendel – the very same who had met no match in all of Denmark, and had terrorized Heorot for all of this time. Beowulf would soon provide justification for this, as he defeated Grendel simply by ripping his arm off with his own hands. This alone would also provide justification for his world-renowned state, for “every wise man in this world readily recalls him” (218-219).
In addition, Beowulf had a near-insidious sort of bravery about him. Beowulf, though likely a calculating type in battle, made no hesitation in deciding whether to engage in it or not. As Beowulf and his crew were allowed into Denmark, their first priority was not to rest or feast in order to recover from their journey, but to go off and see the king in order to be debriefed of their mission. When...

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