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Beringer Blass Wine Estate Essay

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SWOT analysisStrengths- Strong brand name with many international brands- Second most producer of wine in the world- First mover advantage in quality products- High economy of scale by large scale of production- High rate of return by maintaining cost structure and high profit margin- Highest growth rate of the company- Many brands around the world- International expansion by merger and acquisitionWeakness- Return on capital employed for combined operations decreasing- Wine club revenue is falling- Business differentiation is limited to only alcoholic beverages- Employee motivation and management not specifically defined- Lack of cost reduction structure- Product and accessories features enhancement is slow- Lack Aggressive marketing and advertising campaign- Product localization is not well justified- Distribution network is some how dependent on other small companies- Only few countries has been targeted yetOpportunities- Premium wine consumption is increased every year steadily- US market is the largest market in the world and also the most profitable- UK market has the highest growth rate and this market still growing rapidly through this market more revenue can be generated.- Merger and acquisition with branded companies like southcorp can increase company's market share- Business diversification into related beverage like cold drinks and water- Business diversification can into whisky, vodka to capture more alcoholic market- Wine accessories business can be expanded to many other countries- Wine club can be started to other countries as now it is limited to only few countriesThreats- Wine consumption has declined in many countries like France, Argentina etc- Wine production in many countries is decreasing- As this product is controlled for ages above 21, many government changing laws on time and it affect the business- Export and import rules regarding such alcoholic drinks affects international business in many countries- Volume growth is declining in last five years in most of the countriesEconomic characteristic of the industrySupply:Worldwide supply increased every year slowly but not at high rate. Specifically Spain, Chile and China wine production increased significantly while countries like Hungary, Romania and South Africa shows declined in production of wine.Demand:Worldwide demand is constant since last 10 years and doesn't show any significant change but country wise its demand is different.Growth rate:Industry growth rate is not much fluctuating as demand is constantReturn on investmentHigh rate of return in this industry and approximately 15 % return is generated every yearCostProduction and other cost is controllable by economies of scaleInventory controlInventory control by distribution and supply network for cost maintenance by many big distributors and suppliersProduct priceProduct is segmented in main two categories. One is premium price product and other is normal less price product. Average value per liter in UK, Canada,...

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