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August 1961, Berlin decided to build a wall. They divided the East and the West part of Berlin. The East side was communist, and the West side was non-communists. The wall also divided France, Britain, and America. When all of that was done they thought that it was a good idea to put guidelines on the people. The people were also affected by the Berlin Wall, and after a while, the people got so affected that they started to break down the wall.
The wall was built to keep communist and non-communists separated, the people who helped build the wall were some construction workers, government people, and the police. They brought those people to help because they knew that the people were going to try to fight it. They could not build the wall themselves so that where they come in, and they brought the government because they knew that they would agree with East Berlin. The Berlin Wall was a symbol of the Cold War, separation of Germany, and Berlin. The people did not like the idea of the Berlin Wall being up.
Life in the West was much better than the East side of Berlin. The West side got financial help from the Marshall Plan (from the USA). On the East side of Berlin, the communist system was established and many people had to tolerate being watched by the people of the communist party. The East side of Berlin did not like that the people on the West side got help from the Marshall plan. The West side thought it was fine because they were the ones who were getting the help, so they really think of the people on the east side.
The guidelines that they had on the people were harsh. If they tried to cross the wall, they got killed if they got caught. But if they did not get caught, then they lived and went on with their life. The people on the West side could get cheap goods from the East side, but the people on the East side did not get that privilege. They had to get goods from their side of Berlin. It used to be that the people on either side could cross the wall, but that stopped in 1961. The people on the East side did not think it was fair, but on the other hand the people on the West side thought it was completely fair.

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