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Bermuda Triangle, The Triangle Of Death (Demonstration & Captivating Story, Explain The Bermuda Triangle, Conclusion)

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On December 5th, 1945, at a Naval Base east of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, five Avenger Torpedo Bombers were going out for a test run. All went well until the trip back. One of the pilots reported into the station that they appeared to be off course and could no longer see land. Each of the pilots reported that their instruments were not functioning correctly. The crewmembers reported their instruments as going crazy and each registered a different reading. Suddenly, the control tower lost all contact with the planes only being less than 200 miles from base.Several rescue planes were dispatched among them was one, the Martin Mariner, sent out with 13 crewmembers. Shortly after take off of the Mariner, it also lost contact with the base. It, along with the five planes it went to search for was lost. Over 300 planes and many hundreds of sailing vessels went looking for the 6 lost planes but no trace of the 6 were ever found.When most planes crash in the ocean they always leave some kind of wreckage behind or an oil slick, but to quote the Naval board of inquiry "The vanished completely as if they had flown to Mars."In the past 100 years, over 100 ships and planes have been reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle, which has been known to claim over 1,000 lives. Even Christopher Columbus noted in his journal that his compass was not working properly as he entered the area now known as The Bermuda Triangle. The heart of the triangle lies between Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico, San Juan and Bermuda. This imaginary location is noted for its high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft.Other than an "Unexplained...

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1104 words - 5 pages A boat disappears into calm waters. A plane ends up at the bottom of the ocean, and no one knows why. This is the legend of the bermuda triangle. Is there a natural and reasonable cause to these disappearances? Or is it something beyond nature? The causes, simple- 100 ft. rogue waves, methane gas eruptions, and extreme weather. The location of the Triangle is between three points, Bermuda, Miami, FL, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. This location is

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1095 words - 4 pages The Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle is shrouded, in a thick cloud of mystery, in a thick cloud of controversy, and a thick cloud of argument. Not even the location of the Triangle is agreed on. The most common description of its location is the triangle formed by linking Bermuda, Miami, and Puerto Rico. But there is also two other descriptions: The Devil's Triangle is more like a blob that covers most of the western Caribbean. The

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1369 words - 5 pages The reason I chose my topic to be the Bermuda Triangle is because theBermuda Triangle has long been a mystery to me and I am sure it has been amystery to a number of other people.The Bermuda Triangle, also called the Devil's Triangle, is an area in thePacific Ocean off the southeast coast of Florida and is responsible for thedisappearances of ships and airplanes on a number of occasions. Thesedisappearances have led to speculation about

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1882 words - 8 pages of today?s advanced technology, scientists are no closer to solving the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Only the stories exist to explain the loss of over one hundred planes and more than one thousand live to this ?Triangle of Terror.? The discovery of Flight 19 raised more questions than it answered. No matter how it?s looked at something does happen whether it has a scientific explanation or not in ?The Bermuda Triangle?. It can?t be denied

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1434 words - 6 pages One event can change the whole world’s perception. One day, approximately 58 years ago at 2:10 pm, December 5, 1945 (Bryner), five Navy planes, known as Flight 19, took off from their base in Florida, and neither the planes nor the crew were ever found (National Geographic). Thus, a legend was born. Being one of the most strangest and dangerous place on earth, Bermuda Triangle has achieved its nickname as the “Devil’s Triangle” and “Limbo of

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955 words - 4 pages     It claims its victims without warning. Stretching from Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda, it is more than 500 thousand miles wide. It is known as the Devil’s Triangle to some, but to others it is known as the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle is a pilot or ship captains worst nightmare. Two of the major disappearances in the Triangle are Flight 19 and USS Cyclops. Flight 19 was a set of US Navy bombers in training. They lost their

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1391 words - 6 pages attempting to explain the many disappearances have been offered throughout the history of the area. The most practical seem to be environmental and those that involve human error. Some reports even go as far as to saying that there are UFO’s kidnapping ships and planes, and that the lost city of Atlantis is below the Bermuda triangle. Weird disappearances and sightings in the Bermuda triangle date back to 1492, when the first voyage to America took

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811 words - 4 pages There has always been a lot of speculation about the Bermuda Triangle, blaming sea monsters and the lost city of Atlantis for all of the disappearances within the past century. Everything that happens, though, can be logically explained, just by taking a look at the weather patterns and the waters that lie within the Bermuda Triangle. One of the possible reasons why so many ships and aircraft mysteriously disappear is because of methane

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1437 words - 6 pages The Bermuda Triangle      Is the Bermuda Triangle really a place where strange powers are at work? The Bermuda Triangle is a very complex and mystifying area that is noted for a high incidence of unexplained losses of ships, small boats, and aircraft. From reading this paper one will learn geographic features of the Bermuda Triangle, famous disappearances, and possible explanations for them.    &nbsp

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1117 words - 4 pages Everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle at one time or another. The Bermuda Triangle (a.k.a. the Devil's Triangle) is a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean bounded roughly at its points by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It's a phenomenon that has puzzled many people, it's a name that is forever linked to the mysterious disappearances that have taken place in an imaginary triangle. Legend has it that many people, ships and planes have

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1139 words - 5 pages The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is the cause of many unexplained disappearances that happened within its boundary. One of the many mysteries of the triangle is Flight 19. Five Avenger planes vanished without even a single trace. What happened to Flight 19, did aliens actually abduct the planes? Or is there another explanation as to how they disappeared? The Bermuda Triangle is situated in the

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1193 words - 5 pages trace of flight nor any distress call from the captain of the Star Tiger. It vanished quietly. No bodies or wreckage was found in this case too. Some claimed that the crew flew the aircraft into the sea because of being fatigued and also the flight was flying at only 2000 feet. Yet, it was only one kind of saying. A dozen of theories was cropped up to explain the mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Firstly, human error and pilot disorientation. For the

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877 words - 4 pages both sides lack evidence. However, the theories that explain the disappearances as "human error" seem to be most logical. It is up to the reader to decide whether or not the Bermuda Triangle is a mysterious natural phenomenon, or just one of nature's death traps.Crystal Links "Mystery Solved". n. pag. 11 November 2005DiLorenzo, Thomas J."Bermuda Triangle". 20 December 2000: n. pag. 11 November 2005 US Naval Operations "Frequently Asked Questions About the Bermuda Triangle". 11 February 2004: n. pag. 11 November 2005Wikipedia "Bermuda Triangle". n. pag. Wikipedia: The Everything Encyclopedia 11 November 2005

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1649 words - 7 pages There has always been an aura of mystery surrounding Bermuda, the collective name for a group of small islands located in the Atlantic Ocean. Once referred to as “The Devil’s Islands,” ‘the Bermuda Triangle’ represents the geographical area along the Atlantic Ocean from Puerto Rico to the South and Miami to the West (Kelly, 2004, p. 227). The actual term Bermuda Triangle was not introduced until 1964, when Vincent H. Gaddis’ article “The

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1164 words - 5 pages people come back to tell the story, but seldom are they believed. Most people know the Bermuda Triangle as a place of disappearances, though. Of all of the disappearances, a real eye-opener for most was Flight 19. On December, 05, 1945, taking off from Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station, Navy Avenger torpedo-bombers started their training mission. A couple hours after the mission started, they reported having issues with both of their compasses