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Bernard Matthew;S Communication Plan Essay

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Bernard Matthews Communication PlanExecutive SummaryBernard Matthews was one of those frozen food markets which faced major crisis in the business market as well as in the media.This Communication Plan will outline the different advertising mediums to portray the re-launch of Bernard Matthews through the 'Big Green Tick'.This communication plan is underpinned by three different communication objectives, which are;To successfully penetrate the Bernard Matthews "Big Green Tick" by generating awareness and brand building preference by 25%.To establish "Big Green Tick" as the new hygiene conscious factor by Bernard Matthews, in a time space of two months.To change consumer perceptions towards Bernard Matthews in a positive manner and to increase their sales by 8%The specific one was; To successfully penetrate the Bernard Matthews "Big Green Tick" by generating awareness and brand building preference by 25%, due to this objective is our main aim of the communication plan and it will enable consumers to be aware of the new products and new launch of 'Big Green Tick'The target audience consist of parents who are seeking for healthier poultry food products for their children, well off families and consumers who are health concisions and worry a lot about their figure. The main aim is to overall target those consumers who have major health concerns.There will be different advertising mediums positioned in many different locations so that a wide range of consumers can be targeted, as that was found to be a major issue with Bernard Matthews. They were unable to reach a wide range of consumers therefore; their brand image decreased after the bird flu crisis was cleared and the 'Big Green Tick' was launched. The main message of the 'Big Green Tick' products will be the fact that they are healthy will be portrayed and how these products will or can bring a change to consumers lifestyle.The copy platform to be used during the advertising campaign will be for consumer's to gain awareness of the great benefits of eating 100% British Grown Turkey Meat.The different advertising mediums which Creative Future Advertising Agency used and was proven successful were;TV AdvertisingPoster/BillboardsNewspaper AdsHealthy Living MagazinesDoor-to-Door SalesThese mediums together totalled £4milion which was our budget and it was proven successful as the response was seen in the sales of the 'Big Green Tick' products.Contents page2Executive Summary 4Contents page 5Introduction 6Situation analysis 11Communications Objectives 13Strategy 15Creative strategy 21Recommended Campaign 23Our Rough Poster Advertisement 24Timing and Budgets 27Pre and Post Campaign Testing 27Pre testing campaigns 29Post Campaign Test 30Bibliography Introduction"In 2007, sales of Bernard Matthews Farms' products plummeted following an outbreak of bird flu on one of its farms"As a result, the publicity drawn has created negative impacts on Bernard Matthews's sales and more strongly on their brand...

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