Bertha Mason´S Appearance In Charlote Bronte´S Jane Eyre

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Mr. Rochester’s wife, Bertha Rochester has created a twist in Jane’s life. Due to Bertha being married to Mr. Rochester, Jane’s marriage is postponed and it affects her mentally. Jane is affected by Bertha from Mr. Rochester’s dishonesty and Bertha’s madness that drove Mr. Rochester to hide her. From the experience she leaves Thornfield to escape the disappointments instead of taking responsibility. Charlotte Bronte introduces Bertha to strengthen Jane’s character and to show Berthas point of view.
Jane’s wedding is postponed through Mason mentioning about Mr. Rochester first wife. Mason is the father of Bertha and doesn’t like Mr. Rochester because of how he treats his daughter. Mason ruining the wedding is a good plan in getting payback at Mr. Rochester and showing his dishonesty and faults. “You ear to gossip about the mysterious lunatic kept there under watch and ward ….. some say, my cast-off mistress-Bertha Mason by name”(Mr. Rochester,296). Charlotte introduces Bertha interestingly because it adds more suspense to the story and it continues Jane’s journey. Bertha is introduced in such a haunting way, describing how she is crazy, odd and violent. The reader feels that Bertha is a mistake to Mr. Rochester or that Mr. Rochester caused her to be that way. Some of Bertha’s past is introduced that defends Mr. Rochester’s statement. “Bertha Mason is mad; and she came from a mad family … her mother the creole was both a mad woman and drunkard. Bertha copied her parent in both points.” Bertha is introduced in a negative view that Charlotte wanted so it would be a one sided vote in Mr. Rochester’s claim. Since Bertha came from Creole, the culture could be different from the American culture which could have drove her insane because she doesn’t want to live there. Grace Pole could probably be sane as she is with Lucy and just hates the people that put her in her current position (Mr. Rochester and Mr. Mason). It reflects more of the consequences of being Mr. Rochester’s wife.
If Jane was to get married then the book would be over so as Jane not meeting her cousins and teaching a school. Jane instead is affected by Bertha’s introduction because it haunted her that Mr. Rochester is dishonest even in marriage. Finding out the gothic horrors of Bertha Mason influenced her to leave Thornfield. Briggs, Wood and Mr. Mason makes Mr. Rochester...

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