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Besom: What It Is To Me

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The Besoms general definition is a broom made of twigs tied around a stick. However in the world of Wiccan and Witchcraft the meaning of the Besom is much more than that, Magically speaking the Besom is a symbol of fertility and sexuality. The Besom represents both Feminine and Masculine aspects coming together many sources record the traditional construction of Besoms as a handle made of ash, a head made of birch twigs, with a binding made of willow. The Ash is said to represent Masculinity, protection, amorous love and is said to have command over the four elements, while the birch is a wood associated with femininity, cleansing, and is said to draw spirits to ones service Willow is sacred ...view middle of the document...

I also intend on making my own Besom and using for ritual purposes and clearing my area/home when needed it is a very powerful tool of the craft that I plan on implementing.
There is a lot of history behind the besom and a lot of stories and tales revolving around it such as a besom kept upright by the front door or fireplace is said to protect everyone who lives in the home from evil and prevent it from entering, as well as hanging the besom over the front door however rumors has it that if a besom is made out of a real broom it will ward off the Fey when you keep it in your home so if you plan to work with that specific energy be sure not to make it out of real broom.
I go this word incorrect because I was completely unaware of what a Besom was I hadn’t done any research and had literally thought of a definition off the top of my head, in writing this essay I have learned a lot and it has helped me to make quite a few decisions on how I will be using the Besom in my own craft when I am ready to fully start my journey I plan on making my own besom there are many different types of woods you can use to make a Besom even making a different Besom for several occasions .
A Besom is used magically for many different purposes however they are...

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