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Best Friend Essay

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Everyone has someone they consider a best friend. That best friend is like no one else. You can tell them all your secrets without fear of them getting out. They're the person you can act like a nerd with, and know they're going to be just as nerdy, like two peas in a pod. I've known my best friend since I was in the third grade when she moved and came to my school. Today, we're still going to school together, and are better friends than ever. We're like good wine, we get better with age. We have so much in common it's sometimes scary. We think the same boys are cute. We both drive Jeeps. Abercrombie is by far our favorite store. Shopping comes before school, and boys come before shopping. We work together, and are taking all the same classes. Egos with blueberry syrup and Tombstone pizzas are our favorite meals. We're both always ready to stop and have a McDonald's daily double. Both our mothers consider the other another daughter. Where we differ, we are always complimenting each other's differences. From our passion for soccer, to our love of boys, to our lazy procrastinating ways in school. On the field we're both intense. She's a goal scorer, a playmaker, she plays quick. I'm a goal saver, an observer; I slow the game down when I get the ball. When we go boy hunting, my best friend is the girl standing outside the sunroof waving at every good-looking guy she sees. I'm the girl who glances back and forth at the boys next to us, but won't wave unless they do first. During school she's always the first one to get started reading a book or writing a speech we have due. But while I wait to start my assignments, I'm almost always the first to finish them with the help of my best bud, and then we work together to finish up her things. We're like Mary and Rhoda, Tom and Jerry, Romy and Michelle. My best friend is like a snowflake, unique and beautiful all at the same time....

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