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For college, choosing the best combination of furniture for classrooms could be quite difficult. Whether plastic, metal, or wooden material is the best choice. It could be different from a chair to table. In this paper, I would explain the advantages and disadvantages of these three materials.

First material I want to talk about is wood and its advantages. Wood does not have any creep problem to extent and shape. No matter how heavy the object on it is, it never gets a creep problem except on very heavy weights. Another thing is that wood is much stronger in load-bearing in both chairs and tables, which makes it able to lift heavy weights without breaking down. Furthermore, wood can be repainted and re-polished after years of usage to bring the luster back. One another great advantage is that wooden chairs and tables require less maintenance.

Second thing is the disadvantages of wooden chairs and tables. Even though wooden chairs and desks don’t have any creep problem, they still catch fire, while plastic and metal materials don’t. Additionally, wooden material cost a lot. Average cost of one piece of wooden chairs is $100. Another noticeable disadvantage is that wooden chairs and desks are somewhat heavy. It will be difficult for a student to move his or her chair from a place to another if it is wooden. It will take them more effort than usual. Also wooden chairs and desks may cause splinters, which causes internal pain at most of time and sometimes causes infection through the bacteria on the wood. That is why many people don’t want to touch wood, as it can easily cause splinters without the awareness of the person. Moreover, wood material is not as durable as metal, neither as concrete as them.

The next material I want to talk about is plastic and its advantages. Plastic is simply a great choice when it comes to choosing the best material for a classroom, but not necessarily the best choice. Plastic is very light in weight, which means students will be able to move their plastic chairs and even tables effortlessly. It is also cheaper than the other material so the college won’t have to worry about buying a lot of plastic chairs and tables, and it also doesn’t cost much to repair and maintenance. Plastic chairs and tables look stylish and they are at the same time comfortable. Furthermore, plastic material is unbreakable. Even if a person drops it accidentally, it won’t break. It is also good for the environment as it reduces the cutting of trees...

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