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Best Man Speech Funny & Inspirational

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I am going to keep this speech fairly short because of my throat, Pooja said that if I made fun of the groom too much she would cut it.

Pooja, you look absolutely gorgeous… radiant. I saw Salim swell with pride when he saw you today. He is truly a lucky man to have someone so attractive, intelligent, warm and caring. A wife who will be all he could ever wish for, and more.

And my little brother…well well… you’ve finally done it… after 30 years of endless soulsearching… you’ve finally taken the plunge… and admitted that I am really the best man. Thank you for giving in. It’s been a long struggle… and the best man has won. And now I hope you don’t mind if I kick you while you’re down…

I’ve been waiting for this chance for 30 years, and have been building up a portfolio of all the crude, rude and lewd things Salim got up to over the years.

So.. we have a bald filmmaker and a short lawyer getting married… a comedians dream… but I promised salim that I wouldn’t mention the word short or bald in this speech… plus, pooja is actually quite tall… for a 7 year old… Anyways…

Let me tell you a little story… it begins about 5 years ago…
A day I’ll always remember… when Priten, Pooja’s brother, came home to a party which my sister Tasreen held, with his two lifelong loves… Pooja and a bottle of Jack Daniels. We all thought that Pooja was his girlfriend, but as the night progressed, we noticed Priten paying much more attention to Jack… and Pooja was left unattended sitting on the balcony stairs… Salim came onto the scene, baseball cap carefully placed to cover his bald spot, surveyed the terrain and pounced on the stair next to Pooj… Pooja was startled… ‘hi’ Salim said, ‘you have really nice feet’… Pooja’s startled eyes smiled in pity at this extraordinarily lame line… and that same look has graced their relationship ever since.

Since then Salim has attempted to impress Pooja in many ways. He wanted to become a pilot, but quit after the only job he could get was at Receding Airlines. Then he tried his hand at marketing… but that ended fast after he tried to rename White Rose into DT Dhobi… then finally he blossomed on stage as an actor at the Phoenix Theater, narcissist that he is. He ended up in New York where the baseball cap turned into a film directors cap… and that, like Pooja, has become a love of his life.

I have known Salim for all 30 years of his life… through thick and thin… he started as a bully-able young kid and has grown into my closest friend, my confidant, my soul-brother, my mini-me. Salim I wish for you only the best in life… and Pooja is that best. Take care of her. She is your mirror that you may learn about yourself. She is your conscience that you may serve the world. She is your lawyer that you may never be...

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