Best Known Artists Of The Romanticism Era

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Romanticism is an era of complex artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that displays many varieties of style themes and content. It arose in the second half of the 18th century. During the Romantic period the amount of people who could and could not read increased dramatically. As the Romanticism Literature movement, a short yet quiet complex period, which paved the wave of strong emotions and themes that were perceived as heroic through poetry, political pamphlets, reviews, drama, and novels and became popular within England and America in the eighteen and in nineteenth century.
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In his work he didn't have a single word out of place. His novels have a huge power of imagination and a deep sense of history. In his works there were discussions of guilt, family, horror, politics, and society. He wrote The Scarlet Letter and Moby Dick, which are on the greatest novels in the English language. In The Scarlet Letter he wrote of a story in the past before the Puritans. He wrote vastly on literary theory and criticism. Many of the authors that are known as classics today were unknown in their time.
William Blake was considered to have one of the most creative minds of his generations. He was ahead of his time. His greatest work was based on the French Revolution and added parts from his own imagination. His work was also based off of the Bible stories and mythology. His unstable temper made it hard for him to work professionally with others any concise red him mad.
William Wordsworth's Lyrical Ballads was believed to have opened the Romantic Period in English literature. This book was a hit and required many reprinting. His works included the sense of past, present, and future mixed together in human consciousness. His work was based of the inspiration he got form the Renaissance and the Classics of Greek and Latin epic poetry.
"The Romantics" did not call not call themselves this, it was the later Victorians critics that called these writers Romantics. During the Romantic Literature era there were...

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