Best Mates: An Exploration Of Male Adolescent Friendships In

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Michele Gill, Ph.D. the author of this article is currently an associate professor of educational psychology at the University of Central Florida. Her interests are in educational psychology and education reform. Her thesis, published in 2012, focused on the representation of young male adults in contemporary fiction, and appears to be the forerunner of the article, “Best Mates: an exploration of male adolescent friendships in contemporary young adult fictions”.
Dr. Gill approaches the topic of young men entering adulthood through the eyes of several authors. Through novels such as Doing It (2003) by Melvin Burgess, Sad Boys by Glyn Parry in 1998, Indigo’s Star (2003) written by Hilary ...view middle of the document...

The books mentioned in Dr. Gill’s article may have been written thirty-five years later, but they are just as relevant today. Ponyboy, along with his two brothers, age 16 and 20 have recently lost their parents in an accident and they are allowed to stay together as long as they behave themselves. In Hinton’s novel the characters create their relationships based on hierarchy and need, and their bonds and betrayals are very similar to what we read in Dr. Gill’s synopsis of the several books described in her article which are geared toward young males reaching adulthood.
A section of this article that I researched further was information about Victor Seidler. I had never heard of him before and since I am a sociology student with a love of doing research, I was interested in what Seidler’s argues; that changing social and cultural conditions has great danger in young boys lives while they are growing up. Society makes it difficult for males to bond, and disclosing personal information about themselves to each other is even harder to do when it is of a highly personal nature. Seidler writes about the issues of male masculinity beginning in 1989 with his first book Rediscovering Masculinity , Reason, Language and Sexuality and continuing right up until 2010 with his book Embodying Identities, Culture Differences and Social Theory. In including Seidler’s theory in her article in a direct relationship to Burgess’ Doing It, I felt that she definitely understood the need for further examination of this important topic. One has to wonder if this next generation of young men, many raised in single-parent homes, with their Moms as primary custodians, will produce different men. Will young

men feel more comfortable in expressing their emotions, in disclosing their...

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