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There is no quick-fix for Schizophrenia. Upon diagnosis, there is usually a trial and error period while the individual experiments with various antipsychotics until the best medication for Schizophrenia is established. The goal is to find the right dosage of the right drug, which manages symptoms and relapses, yet manifests the smallest number of side-effects.

If you or someone you care about is determined to beat Schizophrenia, it hinges on compliance in taking the best medication for Schizophrenia. Anti-schizophrenia drugs involve a lifetime commitment. Also, everybody responds to each antipsychotic med in a different way, so that a little patience is necessary in the beginning.

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those receiving a placebo.

Here are injectable antipsychotic meds presently available in the U.S.:
• Paliperidone palmitate (paliperidone) – see study below
• Aripiprazole (aripiprazole) - see study above
• Risperidone (risperidone)
• Fluphenazine decanoate (fluphenazine)
• Olanzapine pamoate (Zyprexa Relprevv) – see deaths below
• Haloperidol decanoate (haloperidol)
Monthly shots appear to have great potential for treating Schizophrenia. In a study funded by Johnson & Johnson, 300 participants with Schizophrenia were given monthly injections of Paliperidone palmitate. (Note: Johnson & Johnson manufactures injectable paliperidone palmitate.)

After six months, Schizophrenia symptoms had become stable in all the participants.

In a random selection, ½ of the participants kept receiving the real drug and the other 50% began receiving a placebo.

The study continued another year and only 10-15% of participants receiving the real drug relapsed vs. a whopping 40% of those getting a placebo. Noticeable side-effects included stomach flu and...

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