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"Is this real?" Jordy screamed to me as we watched the five boys pop up from under the stage as Up All Night began. Shouting, screaming, music all pumping through my body at once. I was living the dreams I had been having for a long time now. The night was finally here. I was standing in the crowd of a One Direction concert and nothing could take away the high I was experiencing right now. Not the sweat not the deafening screams, not even our deteriorating sign; nothing.

Four Hours Earlier...
I checked the time on my phone for the third time in the last two minutes, still 3:56pm. Finally the taxi ride drew to a close as our mothers payed the slightly irritable driver. Jordy and I bounded ...view middle of the document...

Suddenly our decision was made. We were not going to wait around for another hour and I was not going to a One Direction concert in a Michael Jackson t-shirt.

We jumped into yet another taxi and sped up to our small hotel rooms. I quickly threw on my Crazy Mofos t-shirt and One Direction hand painted shoes that matched Jordy's and started brushing my hair and re-applying my make-up. It seemed as though the clock tower outside my window was mocking me as I hastily got ready. My next action was to run to Jordy's room and shove wristbands and badges onto my body and clothing. There was no time to apply the ninety odd One Direction temporary tattoos we had purchased as we almost ran to the lift, mothers and sign in tow.

Our sign had a lot of thought and effort put into it. Although it was a simple 'Thank You' glued on silver cardboard with fairy lights attached to it we had high hopes of the boys seeing it so we guarded it with our lives as we speed walked through Central Melbourne in a style to rival Kath and Kim's. Calls of ''Niall is the what?" and "Yeah 1D!" followed us wherever we went. This was due to our t-shirts, they were almost identical. Both said Crazy Mofos- Niall's name for his fans- on the front and each featured a different thing on the back. Mine said 'Niall is the Craic Daddy Wey Hey' (a personal joke) and Jordy's featured the 5 Seconds of Summer logo, the band that was opening for One Direction. The sad thing was I felt absolutely no shame walking through Melbourne with a One Direction tote bag, shoes and t-shirt. Which could be considered quite sad but all I could feel was a swell of pride growing in my chest, we had finally made it.

Quite soon we realised our little gang were not going to make it to the arena on time and jumped on a tram that was about to pull out of its stop- Sky Kids style. The next stop the tram made we were off and on our way down the footpath of a busy street that leads to Rod Laver Arena.

Finally our long journey came to a close as the arena loomed over us with a small crowd out the front each person here with a common goal- first pick at merchandise. In less than five minutes after we arrived people began lining up and we were four from the front. "What are you gonnna get?" I asked Jordy.
"I think I'll just get a 5SOS and 1D t-shirt and poster and well as a 5SOS necklace, maybe something else." She sounded as nervous as I felt. At that moment a large crowd of girls behind us began screaming at something. Neither...

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