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I have visited a lot of places around the world. Traveling is fun to me and its very interesting to me. Looking to learn more history about countries with their cultures trying new things around their culture their past because if you wanna look at the future of somthing look at the past.
Lets start out with my favorite place my homeland Bosnia. I went there so far 4 times in my life 2000 , 2005 , 2008 and 2010. The reason I visit there is too see my Grandmother’s and Grandfather’s grave. I see all my family around it and visit my camp. We cook our amazing lamb that we put lots of salt on it so its really salty. I love visiting my other Grandfather and Grandmother's house where we make more awesome food like our beef sausage and our special pumpkin pie and we have to make it together or we would break the tradition. We love visiting around the country and around Europe to. We love seeing the capital which is Sarajevo , all Churches around the city the major canals around the city which you can ride in a fairy in the canal. After we visit going around the city and the canal we go out of the city and go off to the sea and see the water parks and roller coasters and a lot of fun.
Another place I loved as much as Bosnia was Florida I loved seeing my cousins down to the south and seeing my cousins and going into Universal studios and Disney world and seeing all of kinds of characters and rollercoasters when I was a small kid. I can still go back and visit and see more into Florida. I love going to Miami and seeing the basketball game with my family we were glad the New York Knicks beating the Miami Heat that was a fun game to watch. After we saw the game we went to go see the new movie Spiderman 3D which was a amazing movie. We went to Miami Beach and we saw the Atlantic Ocean we were on a boat ride we were almost lost but we manage to come back to the port so that was a fun time during that trip.We saw the new restaurant called “Joe’s Stone Crab” built 2 years ago it was not bad of a restaurant very expensive tho. After that day we were driving back home took us 8 hours to get...

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