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Best Practices For Implementing Post Adoption And Wrap Services For International Adoptive Families

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Adoptive Families are special; they have a desire to grow their families by reaching out to children that need homes. These families face many unique challenges, but also receive many rewards, associated with the decision to adopt. These challenges continue for many families, through the process of adoption, legal finalization, and for many years post-adoption. The challenges are different in many ways from those faced by biological parents. Adoptive parents not only face the normal challenges faced from raising a child, but also the psychological issues of the child/ren adopted. Some children placed for adoption have social, psychological, or physical problems that many adoptive families ...view middle of the document...

We expect that the information gathered in the survey will help to develop client-driven services that will better meet the needs and promote engagement of families in services when delivered.
Research Significance- With this research, implication of a positive outcome could be the impetus needed for an agencies and families to include the services necessary to meet the needs of international children and adoptive families. Showing scientific research that supports claims of the benefits effective post adoption services provide for international families may potentially influence other international agencies to implement changes within their agency policies.
Research Question
This research proposes to evaluate what services would be beneficial to this population and assess how they can better be implemented.
“What wrap services are requested and would be beneficial to the clients of International Christian Adoptions?”
Literature Review
According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “Intercountry adoptions accounted for 14 percent of all adoptions in 2007 and 13 percent of all adoptions in 2008. In 2007, U.S. citizens adopted 19,569 children from foreign countries, and 17,416 children were adopted from foreign countries in 2008. In 2000, 14 percent (17,718) of all adoptions were of children from foreign countries.” The numbers of families seeking to adopt children from their family members is at approximately 41% of all adoptions.
Adopting children from family can reduce the stress that these children face when being placed. For international placement, this can help assure those children that...

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