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Best Seo Tools For Keyword Research

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There is a big difference between SEO tools and SEO shortcut. Those webmasters or SEOs are using SEO tools for monitoring their progress are not going against search engine guidelines. The intellectual algo updates from the search engines (e.g. – Google Panda and Penguin) insisting the SEO consultants to strengthen their quality policy. The effectual SEO strategies include boring jobs like link and keyword analysis, on-page optimization, off-page promotion, etc. It needs human brain intelligence but using SEO tools makes the process more effectual and easy.

Currently, the SEO clients are strictly advising the SEO firms to avoid using Blackhat SEO-techniques and automating the complete process. Following list of SEO tools for the Keyword research or analysis are the best answers to these clients.
Productive Keyword Analysis Tools:

1. Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner (previously known as Google Adwords Keyword Tool) is the most preferred online toolset for the webmaster and SEOs used for data research. Using this application you can find the search volumes and AdWords PPC (Pay Per Click) costs of your targeted keywords. It is a FREE to use tool and provides unlimited queries with Google account login.
Give a trail to Google Keyword Planner:

2. SEO Gadget for Excel:

It is a strong competitor of the Keyword Planner of Google and other tools. Fetching the competition data to the excel sheets from different data providers like aHerfs, Majestic SEO, SEMrush, Mozscape, and Grepwords is possible with this tool through using their APIs. It is more uncomplicated and provides diverse data at a single place.
Give a trail to SEO Gadget for Excel:

3. Uber Suggest:

Uber Suggest tool is another useful stuff for the SEO...

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