Best Teaching Practices For Creating Life Long Learners

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Young children’s thinking is perceptual and concrete, they are eager to please their teachers (Woolfolk, 2001). The ability to understand the nature of the learner and how they learn is paramount to developing strategies that promote and effective and productive learning environment. Effective teaching practices motivate students to become life-long learners.
Learners develop in an orderly process and at their own pace (each individual being unique), and this development occurs gradually (Miller, 2002)and this development refers to the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development in human beings. Piagets theory explains that learners pass through four stages as they develop; sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational and formal operational, these stages describe general patterns of thinking at variable ages and the quality and quantity of experience endured (Eggen & Kauchak, 2010). Royer (2005) and Sawyer (2006) state cognitive learning theories reflect on the adjustments in the mental structures and processes involved in acquiring, organising and utilising knowledge. This suggests learning focuses on the learners attempt to understand their experiences; this driving element of learning is knowledge (Eggen & Kauchak, 2010). Prior knowledge “is a scaffold that supports the construction of all future learning” (Alexander, 1996), scaffolding is the assistance a learner receives when in the zone of proximal development and all learners have a ‘zone of proximal development’ for each task they are expected to master. However learners must be in the zone to benefit from assistance’ (Eggen & Kauchak, 2010). Social constructivism is encouraged in the classroom to enhance the development of individual learners. When a learner engages in social constructivist environments new strategies and knowledge can be constructed (Fernandez-Berracol & Santomaria, 2006).
Caring teachers who are committed to their students both as people and learners are essential for motivation and learning (Cornelius-White, 2007). For an educator to easily draw learners’ attention or bring out learners’ learning motivation to learn they must first understand individuals, motivation requirements and acquire an understanding of their behaviours, thoughts and feelings (Schunk & Zimmerman, 2006). By providing clear and precise expectations, provide praise and criticism, provide a concrete example, and adopt a supportive style motivation in learners can be enhanced by educators (Eggen & Kauchak, 2010). Student behaviour in a classroom is essential to promote learning therefore Applied behaviour analysis can be utilised. Applied Behaviour Analysis provides teachers with principles for encouraging positive behaviours and managing undesirable ones (Baldwin & Baldwin, 2001). There are two types of reinforcements utilised; positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement. ‘The non-occurrence of expected reinforcers can act as a punisher; the non occurrence of an...

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