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Best Tips For A Budget Trip To Costa Rica

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Budget-Friendly Costa Rica Travelling Tips

Most of the tourists settle on other tourist destinations except Costa Rica because some people describe this Central American land as a very touristy and expensive choice. But the real facts are quite different! Costa Rica is renowned for its beautiful open beaches and the biodiversity showcasing deep rain forests. For a treasured holiday experience most of the international tourists choose this natural paradise and the adventurous activities spices up their complete trip.

The travelers watching their pocket can also plan their trip to Costa Rica and enjoy fully with the following money saving ideas. The expenditures for a visitor here vary according to the season as in peak seasons the cost of hotels and vacation rentals increase extensively. The all-inclusive tour packages also can be found with discounts in off-seasons.

Tips To Save Money While Traveling Costa Rica:

Spend less for accommodation:

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With few bucks you can reach a distance tourist spot through a bus and generally everywhere in this country is accessible by bus. Another easy on the pocket transport option is renting the red or orange taxis to go around the city.

Save on foods:

The restaurants at the major tourist destinations can be expensive for the money saving travelers. Go for the typical Costa Rican food like Casados (a usual meal) which consists of rice, plantains, beans and salad with tasty chicken, fish or beef. From the local market a traveler can buy fresh fruits and other tasty foods from the roadside food-stalls and sodas (local Tico restaurants). If you prefer drinking then go for local beer as the bars charge quite extra. Take a water bottle refill it from the taps and save money against buying mineral water.

During activities:

Except Mondays, the international travelers can visit National Museum (San Jose) by spending around 4,000 CRC or 2,000 CRC through showing student ID card. Going through the tropical rain forests or mountain lines you may wish for different activities like Snorkeling, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, Ziplining, etc. Money saver travelers need to search for free snorkeling sites, rent an off-road bike with a bargain price, purchasing fishing equipments from the local market, etc to save some extra. Find a beach side place where you can enjoy the sunset or light show at no cost, simply avoid paying for the chairs putted by the hotels.


The tourists can also plan for saving some money in terms of airfare by avoiding domestic traveling through airlines and go for inexpensive bus or taxi. Visit the supermarket there for shopping grocery items or snacks at local rates.
This Central American country has a good reputation for its eco-tourism which is praised for luxury vacation tour plans. Costa Rica holiday rentals can also be possible for the travelers who want to discover Costa Rica on a budget. Yes, apartment or villa rentals are low-priced compared to star hotel pricing for which you just need to book the rental options earlier. Schedule your tour for the green or off season and it is the best way to save a good amount of money. Spending few weeks in Costa Rica and traveling around the beaches, rain-forests, and mountains must not disappoint you!

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