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This manual is designed to help you as a new supervisor to understand your responsibilities. This manual will cover the six key areas of your responsibility as a new supervisor with our company. These areas are: demonstrating communication skills, determining effective orientation and training methods, improving productivity for teams, conducting performance appraisals, resolving conflicts, and improving employee relations. In each section we will cover two best practices to help you understand what is expected.We will start with demonstrating communication skills. What is demonstrating communication skills? This can best be described as achieving results in communications with others, build collaborative relationships that emphasize trust and respect, eliminate the roadblocks that undermine your ability to communicate effectively, and enhance your active listening skills (2004). This is the most important skill as a supervisor. If you can't communicate with your employees you will not be able to reach other standards. With this in mind, remember that everyone learns differently. You have to step away from the styles that are deeply ingrained in each of us to find the most effective way to deal with your employees (1998). A good example of this would be: you are a book learner and prefer to have the information in writing and don't rely on visual learning to understand the information, but you should be aware that by relying on your preferred style, you will limit your chances of getting a clear message through to your whole team. Yes, there will be some employees that will learn from text, but you will not be getting the point through to the visual, tactile, and auditory learners whose needs will best be met with demonstration and discussion. Keep in mind that you should incorporate each learning style to best communicate to the group. By leaving one learning style out, you are risking having employees that will not understand what you are trying to communicate. When you are communicating to your employees it is important to communicate a sense of personal power. Haddock puts it best by covering five areas: authority, accessibility, assertiveness, a positive image, and solid communication skills (2006). When you reach this level of personal power you will be able to empower others and encourage them to reach goals. Use your active listening skills. You should take the time to hear what someone is trying to tell you. If you never took the time to hear what someone is saying you will never know how to fix problems. They may be trying to help you by giving you feedback on ways to improve your communication.Now that you have a better understanding of communication skills, you will be able to move on to the next step - determining effective orientation and training methods. How do you determine effective orientation and training methods? You do this by building a sense of team work, stress the accomplishments of the team, use experienced employees...

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