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Best Western Essay

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1) Introduction
First of all the Best Western international is one of the biggest companies in the world in the hotel industry. Also, in this essay the background of the business will be indicated and includes the name, the year of began and form of the business and its aims and objectives. The Competitors and strategy will be the next section’s in which the market size and growth, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and competitive advantage of the business. Moreover, how and where the Best Western would operate will be included in the economic and internationalization sections. Finally, through the business summary, it will be identified if the Best western international is a ...view middle of the document...

The three main competitors are Accor hotels, La Quinta and Wyndham Worldwide (Morningstar 2014). Accor hotels appear in 92 counties and it runs nearly 3500 hotels ( Accor hotels introduced the MGallery which is a unique offer inspired by woman and can be explored in four hotels in France. Accor done this clever decision for the fact that 75% of holiday decisions are done by woman ( The second big competitor is La Quinta Hotels Inns and suites which provide hotel accommodations over United States, Canada, Mexico ( The last main competitor is Wyndham Worldwide and is considering of over 107,000 vacation properties in 100 countries (Wyndham

5) Strategic and Growth
Best Western now is ready to rich the Arabian travel market. It goals to open 50 hotels in the middle East until 2015. It already has 159 properties in progress in countries such as China, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Thailand, Bahrain, Oman, Vietnam, Malaysia, Qatar and Indonesia. Apart from the Arabian travel market and Asia, Best Western Hotels is getting into the American Travel market as well by opening about 100 hotels.
However one important key of the Best western strategy is that while the economy is going through financial problem the best western claims that and give to the customers free internet access and local phones call (HOOVERS). Also the key of that is because the economy is not good as a result to making the competitors to move to the mid-market for a low cost (HOOVERS).
6) Economic Environment
The economic environment of Best Western international for the year end on December 2013 is 41, 40 million in sales with the lower risk (Financial times 2013). However this was done because of the hotel chain. What the meaning of that is that after one global expansion in Asia the Middle East, and Eastern Europe, the company is targeting evolving markets such as...

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