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Betrayal By Stephanie Murray. A Basic Short Story Written For English 10. Includes Introduction, Rising Action, Climax, Etc.

2465 words - 10 pages

"Look at him; he really thinks he's something else doesn't he? I mean look at the way he stands there jokin' with his friends, can't they see he's just putting them down?" Cassidy's voice was steady, but something about the way she was talking gave her away completely. She was talking about her ex-boyfriend Riley Dawson. They had broken up three months ago and he was quick to get over her. "If he's such a jerk then why do you continue to torment yourself trying to get his attention all the time?" "Denny, I don't like him, I just... can never stop thinking about how he used to treat me so well and how much I miss being in his arms. He would tell me how beautiful I was, and that he'd love me forever." "Oh right, I forgot, the second you saw him with another girl you made your final decision that you would never take him back even if he bought you the world!" Denny had that sarcastic tone she always gets when she's trying to make a point, "Cassidy Mason you change your mind more than day and night!" "It's just that he can be so charming! Sometimes when we talk, he's so sweet and he makes me admire him all over again; even when I know he'll never feel that way for me ever again!" "Wow, you're almost talking reality for once! He'll always be an arrogant jerk. He was when you were with him! He doesn't deserve you and I wish you wouldn't get so stuck on him, you're just hurting yourself." Cassidy knew she was right, but it was hard; really hard. On her way home from school that day Cassidy made a vow to herself never to obsess about Riley again. Just because he has an amazing body with strong defined muscles, dark eyes that you could easily get lost in and the hottest voice in the world does not mean she should spend anymore time fantasizing about him. This vow lasted only ten minutes because the next thing she knew, she was on the computer talking with him.Riley: Hey dirtyCassy: Heya, don't you even start, it was a long time ago that I ever did stuff with you-know-who! It's not like it meant anything to either him, or me for that matter!Riley: Ah I'm just buggin' ya, lightin' up would ya?Cassy: Riley you're always buggin' me and I never know when you're serious! I can't help but react to what you say. I like your new haircut by the way.Riley: Thanks, the lady didn't cut it right, but I guess I can deal with it.Cassy: Well if ya ask me it looks pretty hot. Speaking of hot, I'm gunna go take a cool shower, I'm cooking; it was such a beautiful day today. Riley: Need a hand with that shower ;-) ?Cassy: hahah, I'm good for the time being, see yahRiley: later With that Cassidy signed off and hopped in the shower. She couldn't understand why Riley didn't want her back. Sure, she had gained 5 pounds or so, but she still had the long flowing blonde hair and the sparkling blue eyes he used to adore. What about her personality she pondered? It really hadn't changed, maybe matured a bit but she was...

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