Betrayal, Punishment And Sexual Promiscuity Essay

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The Arabian Nights, translated by Husain Haddawy consist of entertaining tales within a story which acquired centauries to accumulate. Some of the tales regard women as possessions, therefore leaving women to use their sexual femininity to subdue men for means of survival. The story goes on to explain how men and women had forbidden sexual relations with concubines, slaves, and lovers. Some religions and cultures accept infidelity and fornication as part of their normal sexual practices, however, in The Arabian Nights sexual practices come with harsh penalties which generate havoc and disfigurement on humans, impacting their lives and relationships.
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This event weighed heavily on Shahzaman’s mind. However, he knew he had to inform his brother of this unfortunate mayhem despite the tragic outcome. When Shahrayer acquired the proof with his own eyes of his wife’s adulterous behavior he was in such a state of madness his world went black. Instead of requiring all the women to have their genitals circumcised (as some customs do), Shahrayer orders his wife to be put to death, slaughters all his women servants then hastily replaces them. The cruel punishment the king has bestowed upon the women sends a severe message throughout his kingdom: women who are sexually disloyal must be quickly disposed of and can be effortlessly replaced. Shahrayer therefore has a mental challenge concerning commitment as he promises to marry and then kill the women he beds the next day. Shahrayer claims, “There is not a single chaste woman on the entire face of the earth.” (Haddawy 14). This statement insinuates all women are sexually sinful, therefore cannot be trusted.
“The Young Man with the Severed Hand and the Girl,” is an excellent example of determination to feed sexual desires regardless of the severe consequences. A young man was lusting after a widow who secretly had an abundance of wealth. Every time the young man would meet with widow to engage in a night of intimacy, he would leave 50 dinars in a handkerchief until his wealth eventually dwindled away. When the young man feared the widow would not meet with him anymore because of his penniless status, he decided to do a deed of dishonesty by stealing coins to support his hunger for sex. When the attempt fails, the young man is brutally beaten and his right hand gets severed. The young man paid an extreme price to quench his sexual gratifications. The consequences of his disfigurement led to social...

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