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Betraying Human Nature In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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In George Orwell’s famous allegorical novel of the evils and inhumanities that are intertwined in totalitarian states and their government methods and representatives called animal farm he does more than merely expresses the torment and fear the Russian people endured under the rule of Joseph Stalin. he reveals the painful truth about the ever present quality of frailty and treachery amongst the human race .societal structures, and individual values through the symbolic characters, events, and even the inner thought of the reader as they analyze the ever evolving complexity that is Animal farm.

One example of Orwell’s exhibition of this human trait of mutiny is in old major’s speech in ...view middle of the document...

This is exhibited in the time after the animal’s all rejoice in a song called the beats of England and awake the farmer or their leader and all pretend to be asleep for the guilt they bear due to their frailty of loyalty to he whom raised, fed, nurtured, and sheltered them and their slandering of his character by labeling him tyrant and oppressor. They also criticize his system, rule, and practices that have helped to provide them with life on his farm, whilst in the confines of his barn, and on top the soil they claim to be rightfully theirs that their hoofs and paws trot upon that he owns and has allowed them to occupy. They question his right to take from them the good they provide and yet see no reason n why they should justify their taking of his goods so that they may prosper. It is in this that they realize their error yet deflect it form themselves and instead on to him instead, their farmer, their care giver, and he who has made it possible for their prosperity. In the spirit of their treacherous thoughts continue to dream about his downfall so that they may rise and thus represent the betrayal we lay upon our leaders when we wish their decline so that they may have their day in the sun no matter the cost and no matter the implications.
Later on after Old Major’s Death the animals rebel, fed up with the mistakes and failing of their leader they drive him and his workers off of the farm and claim it as their own. Although Mr.jones did indeed have his failings it shows the human capacity to abandon one at the blink of an eye due to mistakes they may make, this is betrayal in a sense of the very lack of loyalty in every manner decree and aspect, because to only wish one’s prosperity whilst it benefits you and to wish their suffering when they plunder is to not be loyal but to betray them in every sense of the word you betray their trust and the friendship or partnerships you had claimed as long as it benefitted you. To fake companionship and loyalty is the worst form of treachery amongst humans and sadly also the most often occurring.
This treachery of companionship and comradery is seen once more in the pigs deceit, manipulation, and their killing and systematic massacres of their fellow farm animals to whom their best interest should be their focus. In the first occurrence the pigs are at a loss at what to do pertaining to the milk that the cows are producing and the apples form the trees and eventually the milk and apples once taken into the pigs meeting quarters disappear. In this the pigs betray their idea that none should consume without producing and that none shall be held to higher standards to another. They exhibit their constant egotistic placing of themselves as leaders due to their intelligence and use this to lie to the other animals saying that they do not enjoy the goods they are allowed to solely consume amongst themselves but that they do it for their fellow animals. Here they...

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