Becoming Better By Practicing Towards My Goal

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I remember that cloudy Monday as I walked to school in excitement as I knew baseball try outs started that day. I got up extra early out of excitement to watch baseball videos and I made sure all my gear was packed multiple times. The school day was a rough one just because I was very eager to out perform all the competition. After the last bell rung I made my way toward the field along with all the other players with the same goal as me, to be part of the team. I gave everything I had and was sure the coaches knew what I was made of. I walked home with a sense of hope in my heart that I would surely make it.
The next day at school I made sure the first thing I did was check the board to see if the list was posted yet. Surely enough, the roster was posted right in the center being held up by four gleaming silver tacks. My eyes scanned across the paper looking for my name over and again. I could not believe it, I did not make the team. I sat in class all day just thinking of what I could do different. All year I wanted to be a part of the team and now I am facing the conflict of not even making it. I knew I needed to overcome this and just keep on sharpening my skills. I thought about how I could get better and I told myself I would not give up on something this important to me. I realized this conflict was something I could surpass at next years try outs.
It was rough for the first couple weeks watching the baseball games and not being out there. Every day I would go watch the practices and see what other players were doing better and what the coaches were teaching them. I included different techniques I saw into my own

practices and I did everything they would go do and more. It is not easy to go out and practice by yourself, but at that point I wanted to...

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