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Better Days Essay

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"So the dance is drawing near. Are you gonna ask Evan?" Sara asked with that stupid smirk.
"No way, I don't like him. I never have and never will. Besides every other girl at school are in love with him." Danielle replied back.
Sara gave her the whatever look and walked away. Danielle lied, She did kinda like him. Well she wasn't sure if she liked him. She also used to like him, but every girl liked him. She meant EVERY girl. One of them was her best friend so she couldn't try and take him. She knew out of all the girls he wouldn't want to take her to the dance.
She got her math book out of her locker and stuck it in her green polka-dot bag.
Slammed her locker door. Then Evan started walking towards her. She turned her head so that her long blond hair was sorta in her face. That was not enough he kept walking towards her. So she started walking slowly, but he started to talk to her.

"Hey, Dani." Evan said.
"Hi." Dani replied almost like she wanted him to go away. But she didn't
want him to leave. She didn't want him to ever leave. Dani couldn't let anyone know that.
"So the dance is coming up. Would you like to-" Evan got cut off by Dani. She knew what he was gonna ask.
"Sorry can't talk right now, late for math." She told him as she backed away and hurried off.

All through math she had so many thoughts running through her head. She didn't know what to think or what she was suposed to think. She knew she liked Evan, but she didn't want to. Sure they used to be best friend in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, but know they were in 8th. She would be OK if it wasn't for every girl wanting to go out with him. So she just stared out the window day dreaming about what would happen if the got married and what she thought would happen if they didn't.

"Dani, What have we been talking about in this class today?" Ask Mrs. Burns when she noticed Dani daydreaming again.
"Um..." Dani saw Charlie making signs to here but she had no...

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