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Better Look At The Human Resources Department

3460 words - 14 pages

Executive summary 5
Introduction 6
A brief overview of the key subject area 6
About the selected company 6
Central Argument of the assignment 7
Strategic approach for recruitment and selection 7
Structure of the report 7
Contextual analysis of the company Warwick Model 8
Outer context 8
Inner context 8
Business Strategy Content 9
HRM context 10
HRM content 10
Company Practice – Recruitment 10
The selection process of MAS Holdings 11
Analysis and critique of company practice 12
Recommendation 13
Conclusion 15
Bibliographies 16

Executive summary

This report has been done for the requirement as an assignment of the 3rd year Human Resource Management module which was conducted by Dr. Lee Eva. Even though this is an assignment, this is very compatible for today. Because most of the Company’s don’t pay more attention for their HR Department compare with their other Company departments. The truth is everybody doesn’t have time to pay extra attention to HR department of the company.

For evaluate the HR Department, Our group selected MAS Holdings as the company for our assignment. MAS Holdings is one of the leading companies in Apparel Sector. Present moment MAS holding has a very good reputation and a market place. MAS holding is well known Apparel company in Worldwide and manly in Europe and USA.
This report is based on the analysis of MAS Holding HR Department’s Recruitment and selection process.

A brief overview of the key subject area
Recruitment and selection is a process carried out by the human resource management division that influences the whole organization. Recruiting competent employees for right vacancies could benefit the organization while on the other hand recruiting the incompatible could fail the organization in achieving its goals. When recruiting and selecting employees for an organization the human recourse department has to face the problem of selecting right people at the right time to the right position.
About the selected company
We selected MAS holdings considering its reputation earned both locally and globally and the fact that it’s being considered as one of the most desired companies to be hired by the unemployed in the job market.
MAS Holdings was established 25 years ago as one of the very first apparel manufacturer in Asia. It has now become the leader within the Apparel Industry by creating strong partnerships with renowned partners such as Victoria’s Secret, Triumph, Gap, Marks & Spencer etc. It offers its clientele a large range of intimate wear manufactured with a finest quality in order to stand out from its competitive rivals.

“Be the Leader in providing multi facility connectivity, empowering supply chain solutions in a sustainable eco system”

“Our goal is to provide an unparalleled range of industrial services, enabling investors the most feasible environment for seamless activity, within a climate promoting intra & inter-generational equity, based on the...

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