Greater Manchester Police (Gmp) As More User Friendly

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Greater Manchester Police (GMP) as More User Friendly

The phrase ‘being user friendly’ means adapting and making changes for
the better for the public as they are the people who pay for the
service of the police force. The GMP have brought in new aims and
objectivities to make their services more user friendly. Here are
some of the things which they have done;

v The GMP have published many of their documents in different
languages such as: Urdu, Farsi, Canonise and Punjabi. These are also
available in large print for people whose eyesight is not 100%.

v The GMP also have interpreters on hand for both victims and suspects
to communicate with the police officers.

v Greater Manchester Police believe, ‘… good communication is an
important way to develop equality of opportunity for all members of
society. This can be difficult for anyone whose first language is not
English, is deaf or has impaired hearing, or is blind and has impaired
sight. We are committed to making suitable facilities available and
accessible to help the public and our staff communicate effectively.’
(GMP Equal Opportunities Policy 2003)

v Greater Manchester Police have took action and improved on employing
and training people who are from under-represented groups at all
levels, this is so that these people have equality and opportunities
at all levels.

v GMP have community police officers who visit many places in
Manchester. These are places such as community centres etc. This is
so that the public can get to know their local police officer, they
can talk and communicate with them more. This also makes the public
feel safer.

v The police force advertise crime stoppers etc, in an appropriate way
so that the public can understand it.

v They have an internet website which enables the public to e-mail any
problems or enquires or they can talk to someone on the web site in a
chat room style. This is for people who prefer not to talk to the
police officers face to face or over the phone. This keeps them

v GMP also have what is called a ‘lay advisory committee’. This
committee is made up of members of the local community. It allows the
public to speak up about any problems they may have and these can then
be dealt with.


Ø GMP have recruitment fairs to promote the opportunities that provide
from the age of 18.

Ø This police force have groups who focus on the under-represented
groups such as;

Disability focus groups

Black and Asian Police Association

Women’s focus group

Lesbian and Gay focus group

Ø The GMP have made all of their police stations more accessible for
people who have disabilities. (E.G. ramps have been put in place for
those in wheelchairs etc.)

Ø They also have a...

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