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In December 2013, 28 people including 20 children were shot to death at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, which caused school officials and parents to reflect on methods for better protection of students’ safety. Recently, United University issued a regulation of checking backpacks or book bags randomly for weapons such as guns and knives, and those who are found to carry weapons will receive certain punishments. It was said that the random search was able to forbid weapons on campus and improve the sense of safety among students. In my point of view, the random search may not as effective as considered and, to some extent, might cause some problems.
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It is partly true that this security check can potentially prevent criminals who put guns or knives in their bags. But criminals may find other ways to bring weapons into campus. What if a gunman conceal his weapon in internal jacket pocket or under belt? Under such situation, the weapon probably can only be found by body check. Additionally, to get rid of being searched, those who plan to take weapons into campus might come to school or university in advance, for instance at night, when there perhaps are no staff checking bags.
For two, the act of bag searching seems offensive that may render an uncomfortable feeling for students. Sarcastically, the originally thought of improving the sense of safety because of better body security perhaps results in a sense of unsafety due to destruction of individual privacy. Although the university only examine backpacks or book bags, students usually carry more items besides books, items that are absolutely safe but private. For instance, some female students would feel embarrassing when they keep some tampons or napkins in a backpack and happen to be checked by a male worker. Similarly, when a male student has a pink covered mirror in his bag, he would probably be considered weird by students standing behind him. To avoid the uncomfortableness, students need to concern about ways to protect their privacy, which leads to inconvenience in their university life.
This point of view, however, may be argued by others with the point that all...

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