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Better Off While There Are Many Positive And Negative Aspects To The North Winning The Civil War, The Debate Of Whether The United States Is Better...

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While there are many positive and negative aspects to the North winning the Civil War, the debate of whether the United States is better off today is still controversial. The Confederate States wanted to fight off many issues they faced with the North or the Union. While many only are aware of the abolition of slavery, there were also more positive aspects due to this war. With the evidence I have seen, I believe the United States is better off since the North won the Civil War. From this war, the United States is better off socially, the overall outcome of government and military operatives, and economically.
Socially, the United States is better off today because of the North winning the Civil War. Because of the success of the North, Civil Rights were ended in a decent amount of time. Not only would civil rights taken longer, slavery would have existed for a much longer time. The main focus for the South seceding from the North was to protect their rights to own their slaves. The North had such a strong central government that building their foundation for army was also beneficial to the South later on. The North was also more advance because they had railroads to travel, which allowed for better communication. In battle, the North was able to transport not only goods, but soldiers for war, while the South could not. The South would have been still in fear of whether their slavery would cause them to plummet and effect their troops.
The overall outcome of government and military operatives, the United States is better off today because of the North winning the Civil War. If the south had won there would have been another war because the north still wouldn’t get along with the south. This would cause the South to still be weak in war because of not having proper weapons to fight with, not enough population, and over time, weakened any form of military based power and control they had.
Would not have such a strong military based power. Most of the time, the North had the mindset to continuously fight, while the South had the mindset to only fight for a certain period of time.
Economically, the United States is better off today because of the North winning the Civil War. The North had a huge population and had more industrial opportunities to offer for the South. They were better off war wise because of the machinery they were able to produce effectively. The South benefitted from this...

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