Betting On Rugby Union Essay

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Betting on Rugby Union

Rugby union is a popular betting sport for smart punters especially in its heartlands of Great Britain and mainland Europe. The sport is popular in both hemispheres and is the national sport of New Zealand where it is the most popular winter sport for spectating. This is an emerging betting sport for online bookmakers that serve the Asian markets.

The game is played between sides of 15 players with regular exchanges allowed. The side in possession of the ball has an unlimited number of plays in which to score a try, force a drop out or lose possession. This means the game flows less than the league equivalent and is a much worse spectacle.

The two most lucrative and watched leagues in the Europe are the Aviva Premiership in England and Top 14 in France. There are strong domestic leagues in Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. The Heineken Cup is rugby’s equivalent of the Champions League in soccer and brings together the best club sides in Europe.

The most popular international competition is the Six Nations in Europe which involves fixtures between the British home nations and Italy and France. The Tri-Nations involves South Africa, Australia and New Zealand who play each other on a round robin basis. Every four years the Rugby Union World Cup is the most prestigious tournament in the world game.

Betting on the outcome of a match at good odds is the most popular rugby union betting market. This involves betting on a home win, draw or away win. Many rugby union matches, especially in the World Cup, have big favourites and their price is too restrictive to bet on the outright result. Handicaps are applied to these games to attract two way business. The purpose of a handicap is to make the outcome in effect a two way as the favourites have to win a match by a specified...

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