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- -Looking around my living room, I see my greatest friends of mylife are all around me on my book shelves. Every book I lift offthe shelf pinpoints a time in my life. They represent all the joy,sorrow, and laughter felt in my life. The large, shiny red poetrybook my father read to me reminds me of all of these. It isprobably my favorite. Then I recall my people friends thatattended school with me through the years. What great fun theywere! I doubt I'll ever forget the smell of my kindergarten classand my first meeting with Belle Hudson. As I get older, I realizehow precious that friendship was. It taught me how to be a friendand what I have seen in her is what I have looked for in friends eversince. Now as an adult, I see Belle in friends like Tiffany,Rachelle and it seems my favorite characters in my books have alwaysreminded me a bit of Belle. Belle had a profound effect on me inchildhood as well as later on in life. She was my finest friendthroughout grammar and Junior High school. We fancied relishing ourlunches together. Laughing about the boys' wicked ways and planningour revenge at the ensuing recess. This always made lunch go by soswiftly. It was hard to tear us apart. Hell, it was hard to tellus apart. We were both round bodied and a bit out of shape.But I always saw Belle in a jovial light. She had a merry wayabout her, and her laugh was infectious; it reminded me if Christmasbells, tingly, jingling and warm. I miss her. She was happy,giving and warm. Upon reflection, these are the attributes I lookfor in friends.Rachelle holds a special place in my heart. I work with her andhave found her to be a superb listener and always seems to know howto dole out the right advice. It seems no issue is too large tosolve, and I would love to duplicate her upbeat nature in me.It was our mutual interest in books, not our hiring at the samecompany that brought us together. She desperately wants to be agreat writer. I know she will be. As our friendship...

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587 words - 2 pages experiences have occured between two best friends or even a group of best friends. These kinds of friends share a common bnd that will last forever. Intimate secrets and special favors are all traits in which best friends can rely on each other for. All these examples are whypeople not only neebest friends, but should want them as well. These friends are future best men, bridesmaids, godfathers, and godmothers. They are the brothers and sisters

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1483 words - 6 pages employment or any hobbies at all. Their main focus is to be out doing something with someone at all times to keep busy, which can put their friends in an exhausting state. Most people who have families barely have time to themselves, but these friends can make sure they have none. Between going to work and taking care of kids and homes, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do enjoyable things outside of chores. These friends will invite


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809 words - 4 pages . The difference between a best friend and a close friend is the amount of time you spend with them. A close friend will always be there for you though, even minus the distance or not talking or hanging out for awhile. Just like a best friend, a close friend is someone who is there for you, listens to you, doesn't judge you and you can be yourself around this person. So, what can we learn from a close friend? We can learn from close friends, that

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2293 words - 9 pages this is a new relationship that many people are unfamiliar with, a detailed background of the FWBR was given. Gusarova, Fraser and Alderson state in their article that they define FWBR “as a relationship between two people who begin as friends of acquaintances and subsequently introduce some degree of sexual intimacy for an undetermined period of time, which participants themselves regard as a non-dating relationship” (Gusarova, Fraser & Alderson

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1681 words - 7 pages I stood still outside our tent and gaped at a tall girl on the campsite next to ours. Even through the green foliage between us I couldn’t miss her red curly hair. It blazed like a ripe tangerine and her perfect freckles beamed through a thick layer of sunscreen. “Hi. My name’s Abby,” she said. “What’s yours?” I wanted to say “That’s the reddest hair I’ve ever seen!” but I knew that was rude. My mouth opened and closed but nothing came out

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1269 words - 5 pages move in with my grandparents for the rest of the summer. But it's no use. They say I have to get used to the town, meet new friends,and get a job.""Okay then. I guess there's nothing we can do about this. So let's make the most of it this weekend." Chris said softly.The clouds began to form again. The rays of light that had once beat down upon the water had now disappeared once again.Bobby looked at the end of the bay and watched where the water

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