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Between The Lines Essay

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Emma laid down on the couch. She had just made it through an entire exhausting day of work just to get that restless feeling that she was supposed to be doing something more. It was like something very important was missing from her day, and she couldn't figure it out.
Her first instinct was to go to her mobile to see if anything new had appeared on her screen. Much to her disappointment, nothing had. But nevertheless, she scrolled through the texts she still had. This was a good a time as any to delete some of the earlier messages. She hadn't cleaned the phone out in months. There was a time frame where she could simply blame it on moving and getting a new job and being too preoccupied, but in reality it was because she had been too lazy to sort through it all.
Up at the top she could still see texts from Leon. Almost immediately the words made her stomach start to churn. Holding her mobile above her face, she could easily see everything at once. It was insane how quickly the conversations had gone to happy, sweet things, to the threat of blackmail. He had power over her.
But of course, this also brought up the problem that Sherlock knew her "secret" as well. He wasn't threatening her with anything, but it didn't matter. Emma was going to have to attempt not to make him upset in any way. This was a problem. No matter what she did, it seemed to put him off. It was as if her very existence made him irritated.
These thoughts weren't getting her anywhere, and she knew it. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to do to push them out of her head. Emma wasn't sure she even could push them out of her head. Everything she had tried so far had been an utter failure.
At least the whisky made her forget for a while. As long as it continued to have that effect, she would continue going back to it. Her recent attempts to go sober had been sketchy at best. She would be trying, but it just wasn't enough. Trying to fight the urge to grab her alcohol, Emma forced herself to think of some other way to get rid of her nasty feelings.
Finally something of use popped into her head. Her laptop sat over to the side, plugged crookedly into the wall. Emma yanked the computer off its charging cord, assuming that by this point it would be charged enough.
After logging in, she realized that her previous session had been saved. Emma kept on forgetting that she did that, but it was actually quite useful for all of the same programs and windows to be up every time she went on her computer.
She made her way to Madison's name on the instant messaging program, She gave a sigh when she saw a red dot next to it. Of course she wasn't on, she was probably eating dinner or doing something else that normal people did.
Madison had been her salvation in these past weeks. Never had Emma thought to consider that she was spending more time ranting towards her Internet friend than carrying on actual conversations. But since her friend always allowed her to keep complaining about...

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