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Between Virtual And Reality Essay

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Information technology has been improving so much in the past decades. Since 18th century a lot of new devices have been invented. From letter-writing to text messages, shifting again to e-mail and instant messaging (IM), medium of communication has experienced transitions. The invention of Internet made interpersonal communication moving back and forth between physical and virtual. Instead of face-to-face, people nowadays prefer to use computer-mediated-communication. Physical interpersonal communication is being diminished because electronic devices dehumanize the experience.
Before electronic device was invented, letters and face-to-face are the main forms of communication. Letters are the only thing that can send messages to far places. Interpersonal communication was pretty much done physically, because virtual communication has not been invented yet. Through time, technology has been developing and improves human relationships. The discovery of telegraph, telephone, and e-mail, gradually enriches the way people sending messages.
Children nowadays use electronic devices. They are called Generation Net, “kids who have grown up using the Web” (Carr 9). Parents give their children cell phones or tablets to facilitate their communication. Since phone technology has been developed, they have been playing with gadgets, such as cell phones, gaming devices and tablets. An academic journal written by Barry A. Farber, Gavin Shafron, Jaleh Hamadani, Emily Wald, and George Nitzburg, who are professors from Teachers College at Columbia University, says that:
Increasingly, young people are using various forms of technology in the service of communicating with others. Cell phones (used for talking and texting), e-mail (including instant messaging), blogging (e.g., Tumblr and Twitter), and social networking via Internet sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Google+ (Google Plus) can all be used to share information with others and may at times be preferred to face-to-face talking (1).
Many children these days own electronic devices. Either for communication or entertainment, gadgets catches children’s attention. It is possible that electronic devices become main forms of communication in the next few years. For instance, it is not hard to find kids playing games on their devices instead of playing in the playground with their friends. Moreover, video games are no longer in the forms of Play Station, Game Boy or Xbox. They can be easily found on cell phones and tablets. Lately, children can play online games through the Net. They can play with their friends virtually over the device. All of this technology development is one of the reasons why children cannot stop holding their gadgets.
Since the Internet has been invented, communication has never been the same. E-mail, an abbreviation of electronic mail, is the first thing the Net have when it was first invented. It makes a breakthrough in culture of writing letters. It is not paper-based anymore, but it...

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