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Beware the Fury is a story that happened in Spanish and it has a few Spanish idioms or expletives. Most of the names are in Spanish. The story takes a young innocent girl from the interior villages of an unnamed country in Central America into the glamorous and dangerous world of heroin and cocaine in the big cities of the country.

It's the story of a family's struggle in life but it centers around the mysterious disappearance of Yasmin, when she is only 15.

A spirited and beautiful girl is seduced by a stranger when she thought her boyfriend had stood her up. Her pragmatic sister Eva finds her and they conspire to keep the secret from the family.

As was their custom in their village, a girl at the age of 15 becomes eligible to be courted for marriage. Her dear friend and childhood companion, and her only true love, asks for her hand in marriage and they become officially betrothed. Their courtship begins with the usual innocent sexual games of youth. The innocent Federico is unaware of her previous encounter only the day before their betrothal and is surprised at Yasmin's obvious desire for more than he feel is the decent thing to do before marrige. . Their wedding will not be allowed until a year of courting is completed. This conflict makes them decide to see each other less often until they learn to control their lusty stirrings

Yasmin discovers she is pregnant from her first encounter and plans to leave the house lest she shame her family and her fiancee. With a heavy heart she leaves in the middle of the night in a taxi cab provided by her only confidant, Sofia who is the cook in the house and her one time nanny.

The escape goes awry when the taxi she is traveling in, is accidentally hit from behind by a speeding Mercedes Benz limousine. The cab is thrown into the ditch and rendered useless. A dazed Yasmin steps out to assess the damage with the cab driver and is spotted by the driver of the other car. Juan Gonzalez, the cab driver and friend of Yasmin's nanny, recognizes the driver from the news as Tomas, "the snake" Chacon. The most feared drug lord in the country.

"The snake," as he is called for short, takes one look at the extraordinary beauty of Yasmin and senses her innocence when she tells him she is running away from home and needs to reach a specific destination that night. She carelessly mentions that no one but the cabdriver knows where she's going.

With the cab out of commission Tomas, the snake, a good looking well dressed man in his early 50's easily convinces Yasmin to allow him to drive her to her destination while he calls a tow truck to help the cab driver. His intentions are quite different.

Seeing the luxurious and comfortable car of Tomas,' the snake,' she doesn't hesitate to slip into the air conditioned comfor of fine leather and the smell of new car, believing he is a nice man. Her life in the mountains where she grew up did not prepared her for the dangers that lurk outside the village As...

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