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Beyond Legalities Essay

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The United States has always been considered a nation of immigrants or a “melting pot". The reason this country was founded by immigrants, was thanks to their choice of wanting to break loose from the chains of their country. They all fled from religious persecution, famine, poverty, or oppression by their government. All to escape to the arms of America, where here, they know they could strive for many opportunities they couldn't have in their homeland. History repeats itself. Modern day immigrants strive to live the American Dream and face cruel circumstances to do so such as nativist hate and, the border.
Immigrants will work in any job for whatever pay because needless to say, it is most likely better than what they were receiving in their country. The money they earn, a portion of it, is sent back to their family so that they may live a little better than what they were before. There is no harm in doing so. There is no harm in charitable acts of mercy. Those in the U.S. need to acknowledge that it in fact does depend on immigrants to perform the tasks that not many citizens would like to do such as, picking strawberries, harvesting lettuce, working in factories, as a maid, as a waiter/waitress in a restaurant or as janitors. It is incredible that nativists exist, those that consider natives to the U.S superior than immigrants. Caucasians in particular, despise immigrants and degrade them by calling them "illegals" or "wetbacks". They base their beliefs off of white supremacy, which in itself is the opposite of what is encompassed in being an American. Have they forgotten too that their ancestors were immigrants as well? Are they not aware that their ancestors crossed an entire ocean, but meanwhile are calling those that cross from Central or South America "wetbacks" for crossing just a river? It is such an irony.
In terms of the border, enforcement would help the nation’s defense and most likely reduce the income of terrorists, criminals, arms, drugs, and so forth, but something should be done in order to reduce the amounts of deaths of the individuals that cross the...

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