Beyond The Fence. Essay

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Whenever someone performs a task, he/she can labor over it carefully, or do a rushed job. A student writing an essay describing the causes of the American Revolution, or a president proposing ways to end World War II illustrate two situations where both simple and complicated ways to address a problem exist. Writing a non-analytical response to the essay question would be easy to do. Likewise, dropping atomic bombs over cities, razing them and eliminating many people would not be entirely morally correct. H.L. Mencken's assertion that 'for every problem there is one solution which is simple, neat, and wrong' is excellent for assessing the literary elements in two works: "Fences" by August Wilson and "Snow Falling on Cedars" by David Guterson. Fences is filled with difficulties between characters, and many of these were not reconciled in a proper manner. One problem involved Cory, a high school student and his father, Troy. Cory, an accomplished football player wanted to focus on his team and play in college. However, his father was against Cory's goals, insisting he prioritize his work and house chores over the football. Ordinarily, there is nothing wrong with a parent making major decisions for his/her children, but in this case, Troy's solution to the problem was simply to go behind Cory's back and revoke his membership on the team. Going behind one's back is an easy way out of resolving a problem the person was plainly too indolent to spend the time to find a more mutually acceptable solution. Troy's demeanor is unacceptable not only with Cory, but also with other characters in the book. For example, when Lyons asks him for a small amount of money, Troy creates a big scene, detailing problems he had had in the past with getting credit, such as paying for furniture through ten-dollar monthly installments. It is...

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Over the Fence Essay

1911 words - 8 pages the end of Fences, every character had been institutionalized, except Raynell; she is the hope of the future. Raynell stands within the confines of the fence that surrounds the yard, but the audience leaves with the perception that she will go beyond that barrier to achieve a better future than her father.

The Boy in Sriped Pyjamas Essay

820 words - 4 pages into exploring the truth himself. The place Bruno refers to as a farm, is actually a concentration camp set up for the mass murder of the Jewish people or forced-labor. Prohibited to go even near there, is told by his father, "they're not really people" but, that did not kill the curiosity in the child’s mind. Although told never to explore the woods beyond his back garden, Bruno eventually ventures out the land that was his and finds himself

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1252 words - 6 pages the creditors and its goes beyond the past requirement of that petition being granted in the simple assertion of the debtor stating “I have debt” Twomey, D. (2013).Based with everything stated above Celia can file voluntary bankruptcy. Will Celia Student loans clear after she files bankruptcy to answer this question to the best of my ability the answer I have come up with is it will remain some cases and most cases it won’t remain after

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876 words - 4 pages . The autumn leaves land on the pyramid, and look like decorations submerged in the water. Beyond the countless attractions is a frayed scarecrow, once used to frighten birds away from the garden. The scarecrow could startle children more than the birds that now rest on his shoulders. The brown jacket that the "monster" wears has holes where buttons were once placed. A straw cowboy hat sits atop of the inflated ball. The fawn hat has faded

Steinbeck's The Chrysanthemums

1030 words - 4 pages greatness or capabilities; she does not wish to be overlooked or underestimated. Similarly, both her husband and the stranger approach her at the fence, the fence symbolizing this confinement as well as her protection to distance herself from her own painful truths. The stranger plucking the fence line leaving a twang in the air suggests an offering of temptation and the possibilities for Elisa beyond her garden’s wall. Later, when she sheds her

The Blurred Line Between Truth and Lie

1316 words - 6 pages deliria-free zone that the electronic fence is used to restrict wild animals from carrying diseases into the validated city. However, the hidden purpose of the fence is to restrict the infected citizens from running away. While planning for an escape route, Lena and the other rebelling adults were not just hindered by the physical electronic fences. They were anxious about the life beyond the fence and the consequences of rebelling against the

Symbolism in The Chrysanthemums by John Steinbeck

1866 words - 7 pages again withdrawn inside herself and has given up on her sexuality and resigned herself to an isolated life as a planter's spouse. John Steinbeck incorporated many symbols into "The Chrysanthemums" to represent isolation. Elisa Allen is an eager person who hungers for excitement and passion in her life. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond her control she is virtually isolated from society trapped on a country farm. Although she is isolated she

Sandbox of Gravel (a description of Middle School life)

905 words - 4 pages cheap brown paint.Just beyond the handball courts is the "forbidden area" which consists of a small playground on top of soft rubber pads, 9 bright yellow tic-tac-toe blocks built into part of the green slide, and a set of solitary swings. The bony lady would go red in the face and yell at us if we even got within three feet of the fence that separates the handball courts from the playground."Whoa, since when did the slide turned green? Its supposed

Life's Hurdles - Original Writing

1180 words - 5 pages look to the fore and pin my ears back. The whistle blows. We charge forward without hesitation at a gallop. The first fence ahead of us, I know it's an undemanding obstacle. I leave him to his passion. Launching into the air he effortlessly conquers the jump. Now I begin to fret. The second jump on the course is a five foot fence with a ditch of three feet on the landing. I draw on the reins. He's too fast; if

The Blurred Line Between Truth and Lie

1496 words - 6 pages close to them causes you to act like them”(from the book of Shh). It is only an assumption that invalids are wild and diseased because one of them behaved this way. However, Lena and her family and the whole society was influenced under those words. After Lena traveled beyond those electric fence, into the wild, she was alone without amy accompany. She was free, without any government control, yet those assumption about the invalids will never

Walking the Path Toward a Feasible Solution, Possibly

1057 words - 5 pages . They will have to recognize the humanity of their enemy. Israel and Palestine need to push past and overcome previous adversity and affliction, and move forward beyond ancient grudges. The Israeli Palestinian conflict does have a prospective resolution, but the hostilities and friction will not completely dissolve for an indefinite amount of time. The best way to settle the dispute over Jerusalem would be by making it into an international city

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