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Beyond Therapy is a hilarious comedy, written by Christopher Durang, that was performed in the Texas State Theatre Center studio. It was directed by Lucy Van Goethem. I enjoyed watching the play, and getting to know all the characters and their rather odd personalities. I loved the humor throughout the play about relationships and life, that still fit to the world today.I was first drawn into the play when Prudence and Bruce met in the restaurant and Bruce was so brutish yet emotional. There was a clear sequence of events, from beginning to end in the play. Bruce and Prudence were almost drawn to each other by crazy fate or just bad luck. Then the plot thickens when the audience is introduced to Bruce's homosexual lover and both Bruce and Prudence's therapists. I was held to the plot the entire time and was constantly laughing.The characters are very true to the 70s, which was the time period of the play. They walked, talked and dressed 70s. The dialogue helped the action and plot move along very smoothly. There was a lot of cursing and vulgar language that portrayed the care-free style of the decade. The actors spoke very clearly and loud enough for the small studio. The actors had to be crazy, homosexual, and, at many points, highly emotional to the point of crying or shooting a gun off. Everyone was very believable.The setting was appropriate for the time period and the characterization. The artwork in all the scenes were colorful, abstract, swirly and very representative of the 70s. The costumes, furniture, everything, was appropriate. Even during the scene changes the audience was enjoying themselves in the feel of the 70s lifestyle. The lights went out and the disco ball came on, along with disco music such as "Lets Get it On," "Roller Coaster fo Love," and "Boogie Nights." Everyone sang along or clapped with the music. One particular song, "I Can See Clearly Now" came on after Bob went to see Mrs. Wallace and had a breakthrough. I thought that went really wee with the plot, and even enhanced it.Again, the dialogue fit the time period very well. The dialogue was funny and helped the audience to get to know the characters. When we first meet Prudence's therapist, Dr. Framingham, we learn that they have a sexual background through the dialogue. The doctor calls her baby and she tells him not to call her that and that he is a...

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