Beyond This World Essay

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Okay, alright this is sure fun, sitting quietly in a chair, waiting for Chace and Colton to come back into the living room. I've been staring at this plain white ceiling for thirty minutes.

The moment I hear footsteps I jump up. I'm getting someone to tell me these things. After all that was Chace's and I agreement.

I lock eyes with Colton, and his grin returns; damn it he's a mind reader, he knows my plan already. I remove my gaze from Colton, to Chace who's looking at me already. Do they both know my plan?

"Yes, we do know," Colton says laughing, "We didn't have to read your mind to figure it out either."

"Oh, it's just that obvious that I want to know what that business was?" I ask.

"Yes, it's that obvious, and Chace has sworn not to tell anyone."

"Does Dorian know this information?"

Both the boys stiffen, and I know they don't like when Dorian is brought up.

"Does Dorian scare you two?"

"No." They both say too quickly.

"Yes he does, I sense it. If I was to ask him what's going on he would tell me. He isn't afraid to tell me."

"Rosie, don't go doing anything like that." Chace snaps.

"Then tell me," I urge, crossing my arms.

"Chace can't tell you, and all for good reasons." Colton calmly states.

"This was part of our little agreement, you tell me things, important things or I leave."

"The door is over there, leave if you want," Chace cooly says.

"I will."

I walk my way towards the door, and Colton steps in my way. Really, if he said to leave I will leave.

"Chace she's valuable you can't let her leave." Colton says toward him.

"She's black mailing us, and Dorian doesn't know this yet." Chace says.

"Her life will be in danger if she leaves."

"Just as much as it is here."

"I can take care of myself you know."

"Oh really?" They inquire.

"I can see, and talk to spirits I must have some other ability, like the rest do."

"You don't know what it is though!" Chace says.

"Maybe it's a power that I could kill you with."

Chace steps forward with a menacing look, but Colton steps in the way. Resting a hand on Chace's chest to push him away, I notice his muscles. Dang does everyone in this place workout?

"Only when we have time," Colton says smirking.

"Stop that, you don't have a right to invade my mind like that!" I snap.

"I can't help, all I hear is your thoughts."

"Well listen to Chace's!"

"I can't, he blocks me out."

"Just stop, please my life is already everyone's business. I'd like my thoughts be mine."

He nods, and assures me he won't read them. I look at Chace whose...

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