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'beyondblue': The National Depression Initiative, To Address The Issues Associated With Depression, Anxiety And Related Substance Misuse Disorder In Australia.

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'beyondblue': the national depression initiative, is an independent, not for profit organization to address the issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorder in Australia. It is a bipartisan initiative funded by the Australian, state and territory governments. It has provided a national focus and leadership that will increase the ability of the Australian community to prevent depression and respond effectively to this identified mental health issue.2. The goals of Beyondblue and how they are implemented:•Community awareness and destigmatisation - by increasing peoples awareness of the symptoms, causes and treatments of depression through the promotion of peoples experiences that have been affected, utilizing the media, community leaders and health professions, consumers and carers. This innovative initiative is also to facilitate attitudinal change on depression, anxiety and other related mental health disorders. Through these implementations of promoting these health areas it is expected that changes in attitudes will have a flow on affect across a range of mental disorders.•Community and carer participation - to promote a community wide response and to advocate for the issues raised by people with depression illness, through electronic networks and websites dedicated to the issue of depression.•Prevention and early intervention - to support programs that provide opportunities to prevent depression and promote early intervention with evaluation of the impact of the programs. Programs in areas including, postnatal and antenatal depression, children and young people, families, older people and depression in the workplace.•Improved Primary care - such as training and support for general practitioners and other health care professionals to assist and increase their community education and treatment roles.•Establish research infrastructure - to promote depression-related research, particularly in relation to service delivery and measurement of program outcomes. This is implemented with the help of outside sources with 'beyondblue's strong partnerships with other health organizations as well as a wide range of companies and community based organizations for additional research infrastructure.3. The reasons that prompted 'beyondblue'The Government's available funds have to be allocated according to areas of highest priority. The Government has identified 7 priority areas in recognition of 'the major health and economic burden that these conditions place on our community'. Mental health falls into these 7 priority areas. There are aspects that need to be addressed when identifying a health priority area and the need for action and funding. It was identified that there was a need for an action plan within the priority area of mental health. The national 5 year 'beyondblue' initiative was launched in 2000 with an initial commitment from the Australian Government of $17.5 million over five years...

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