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Bff Best Friends Forever Essay

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I was an ugly duckling,a nerd,and every other nasty thing you could possibly think of. Every day someone made fun of me.I was the laughing stock at my school.I was so happy that today was the last day of high school.I knew college was going to bring alot of new people into my life, and was also going to give me a chance to have friends. I got dressed, ate my breakfast, and headed toward the bus stop. I was standing in blowing wind, when my bus arrived. I entered the bus and sat down in an emtpy seat. We finally arrived at Riverbank High ,my school.I got out of the bus and headed toward my classroom. When I walked past Emma and Cindy they stood up and bumped into me, they said it was an accident, but I did'nt belive them.The rest of the day passed more calmly and softly then I asspected. Before I knew it, Summer Break had ended and It was the first day of college. I hurried up and got out of bed.I took a shower and got ready.I wore my favorite outfit,a hot pink shirt with a skull,black pants,and Converse All Star Lo Athletic Shoes.I was so excited for the first day of college.I triped and fell. A boy helped me up. I thought he'd make fun of me but he did'nt."Thanks" I said while I wiped dirt off of my pants. "No problem,just be careful next time ok,by the way I'm Brendon and if this is your first day here you better run" he says pointing at the clock.I turned around to see that the clock was showing 7:55, just 5 minutes till class starts. I just could'nt be late!I ran inside went up the stairs,entered the classroom,and went to the back like every one else.The teacher told us our assigned seats.I sat next to Olivia. "Hi Olivia" I said," I just wanted to tell you just stay away from Brendon ok"she replied. The class went by fast and it was time for lunch .I got a slice...

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