The Boys And Girls Club Of Weber Davis

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For the Weber-Davis facility we personally use two set’s of programs that has helped us with academic success, and both are approved by the national headquarters ave viable ways to teach better education. The first program we use is called Money Matters: Make It Count. Through tho teaching model we are able to introduce kids who are preparing for further education after high school what financial aid services are there for them to use, as well as the difference in subsidized and unsubsidized loans are and how to qualify for Stafford and Perkins student loans. Most importantly we teach them all about scholarships, and how to apply for them. (intextcitation) “Saving money is one of the most important steps to achieving financial freedom. By saving money a little at a time, you get the freedom of purchasing big-ticket items like a car, a house, or a college education.” The second program the Weber-Davis facility uses is Power Hour: Making Minutes Count. Everyday at our club we take an hour out of the day dedicated just to doing homework, or reading. The staff are there the whole hour to help whoever is struggling with their homework, or anyone who needs help catching up on late assignments. The staff also keep a close relationship to the parents for as to what each kids grades are so they know what they need to do at club, what they have or haven’t been doing at home, and what homework they actually need to get done.
Healthy Lifestyles is a big part of the national boys and girls clubs organization and even our local club because it’s a big reason why kids choose to come back everyday and want to use our facility. Our hope with doing programs associated to healthy lifestyles is not only to have fun, but to adopt a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and lifelong commitment to fitness. One of the programs used to accomplish this goal is Healthy Habits (A Triple Play Program). Through this program facilities are asked to use an eating chart and tracking papers so they we give the children a proper amount of the right foods that will give them the most energy for the day. It also incorporates gym actives that include mind, body, and soul so kids can see how gym activities aren’t just exercise, but an event that uses all of yourself which you can get a lot of benefit form. SMART Moves (Skills Mastery and Resistance Training) is another program authorized by national headquarters that focuses on more mastery and the building up of your muscles, but also keeps you in understanding of what bad substances can do to hinder your body. Through SMART Moves guest speakers can be invited into a facility to tell the children of the dangers behind drugs, alcohol, and premature sexual activity.
The Boys and Girls Clubs of Weber-Davis local effort are different than the above programs. There are two in particular that we use throughout every local club in Weber-Davis area that have proven to be very effective, and a positive way to get through to the kids about...

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