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Bhagat Puran Singh: A Legacy Essay

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Every religion has at least one important individual that has done something highly significant in this world. Sikhism, itself, has had more then 25 accomplished beings. Bhagat Puran Singh is one of the rare persons that cross the Earth, but sadly not many young Sikhs know his name. From just giving moral support to saving lives, Bhagat Ji has done such good deeds in his life that many are just left aspiring to become like him.Bhagat Puran Singh, once known as Ramji Das, was an ordinary being that lived in an extraordinary manner. Unlike many people in the world, Bhagat Ji did not bestow the title of Bhagat, meaning devotee, upon himself, but was given the title by the Panth itself. He was born on June 4th 1904 to Chaudari Chibu Mal and Mehtab Kaur at Rajewal, Distt. Ludhiana. During his early years, he went to many villages always visiting a Hindu temple. According to history, Baba Ji was one day told to clean the temple and he willingly obeyed. Finishing his work, the Brahmins sat before him and ate, not bothering to offer him any food as well. Coincidentally, Bhai Sahib once stayed at a Gurdwara where he not only received food without working, but also got a place to sleep. Due to this kind treatment he decided to become part of the Khalsa. Amazingly this very same person, Bhai Puran Singh, carried an abandoned, disabled child (whom he named Piara) on his back for 14 years. This child was known to him as a 'garland around his neck'. Many people have come to understand that Bhagat Puran Singh is to the Sikh Panth what Mother Teresa is to Christianity. However, thanks to the great devotion and dedication of the west, Mother Teresa won the Noble Peace Prize yet Bhagat Ji was only a nominee. Every Sikh should know that Bhagat Ji not only deserved the Noble Peace Prize but other awards as well.The root of Bhai Puran Singh's kindness and concern comes from his mother, Mehtab Kaur. She taught him basic things such as removing harmful objects lying on the roads out of the way of pedestrians and keeping things clean and tidy. He believed that preserving nature by doing things such as planting trees and decreasing the use of gasoline and diesel was important. He strongly thought that a simple life was the best life.Many times Bhagat Puran Singh has been compared to Mother Teresa of Christianity. Both were compassionate of others from an early age and grew up to do something about the conditions of the world. Mother Teresa and Bhagat Ji were both devoted to working with the poor and underprivileged and ultimately created a society of some sort that took care of these people. The foundations they began were Pingalwara by Bhagat Puran Singh and "The Missionaries of Charity" by Mother Teresa. Since both equally did their share of charity work and seem so similar, it is wonderful to know that both come from different religions as it shows that many religions are based on doing the same basic good deeds.At the young age of 19, in 1924, Bhagat Ji began taking...

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