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Company BackgroundBharat Forge Limited (BFL), the Pune based Indian multinational, is a technology-driven worldwide leader in metal forming having trans-continental presence across a dozen manufacturing locations, serving several sectors including automobile, power, oil and gas, marine & rail, aerospace, mining & construction, etc. Part of Kalyani Group - a $ 2.5 billion corporation with 10,000 global work force; BFL today has the largest depository of metallurgical knowledge in the region and offers complete service supply capability to its geographically dispersed marquee customers from concept to product design, manufacturing, engineering, validation and testing.With manufacturing facilities spread across India, Europe, China & US, Bharat Forge produces a wide range of safety and critical components for the automotive & non-automotive sector. Bharat Forge is the country's biggest manufacturer and exporter of automotive components and leading chassis component manufacturer. BFL's customer base includes virtually every global automotive OEM and Tier 1 supplier. It holds the merit of being the first Indian automotive component manufacturing company that made a major breakthrough in China in 2003 by securing large business from First and Second Automotive Works, the two most important automobile manufacturers in that country.BFL finished capacity expansion to set up devoted state of the art facility for manufacture of critical & value added components for non automotive applications including Oil & Gas, power & construction, rail & marine and mining. Over the years BFL has built a strong foundation of intellectual capital. Highly skillful and motivated manpower, with over 1200 engineers occupied in various manufacturing disciplines are driving the company's global push.BFL is on the verge of a breakout growth in non-automotive space and is currently leading a major up-scaling of its ability in forging, fabrication, casting, machining and assembly to launch its multi-sectoral growth plans across sectors such as Transportation (Railway, Marine, Aerospace), Construction & Mining and Energy (Oil & Gas, Power).Bharat Forge will use its strong base of design & engineering capability, metallurgical knowledge and manufacturing prowess, to create a strong foundation for itself in these sectors. 'Growing into new horizons' will give Bharat Forge a completely new growth outlook. It will begin the makeover of the company from an auto component supplier to an engineering & capital goods company with dissimilar complementary businesses in new high growth sectors.Business of the Company:Automotive: Bharat Forge., the flagship company of the $2.5 billion Kalyani Group, is a major global 'Full Service Supplier' of forged and chassis & machined - engine components. It is the biggest exporter of auto components from India and leading chassis component manufacturer in the world. Since start of operations in 1966,...

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