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Table of ContentsCompany Overview - Wal-MartRetailing in India- Recent Trends and DevelopmentsRetail Industry in IndiaIndia Retail FactsDevelopment of Modern retail in IndiaChanging consumption patternsProcurement and Distribution Network.FDI and Collaborative VenturesIntroduction and Prospects of FDI Policy for Multi brand Retail in India.FDI policy In India.Possible outcomes of FDI policy and Impact Analysis.Global market Opportunity assessmentCompetition Analysis.InternationalizationRisk of International BusinessCross Cultural RiskCommercial RiskCountry risk /Political and Legal Systems.Role of strategyGlobal Strategy and Local FocusSWOT AnalysisPorter's Five forces Model.Company Overview
In November of 1962 Mr. Sam Walton was opened Wal-Mart. It is largest retail store chain in America. Wal-Mart itself has a big brand and the market leader of Retail sector

in US. Wal-Mart employs 1.6 million associates worldwide in more than 8,700 stores in the US and more than 1,500 throughout the rest of the world. Strategy of Wal-Mart is the low price. Wal-Mart outlets is spread throughout the world and doing well.

Vision Statement:-"Our vision is to provide good quality and services to our customers, while remaining the market leader and striving daily to be the most admired company".Mission Statement:-"To provide quality products at an everyday low price and with extended Customer service…always."Wal-Mart Slogan:"Save money, live better"The culture consists of Wal-Mart:-Quality product at low prices "everyday"Respect for the individual.Service to our customers.Strive for excellence.Divisions of Wal-Mart-Neighborhood Markets (groceries)Sam's Club (membership)Discount stores (FMCG& apparels)Wal-Mart super centers (groceries)McLane (Acquired just now)

Discount stores


Sam's club

Neighbour-hood markets

International Totals





Retailing in India- Recent Trends and DevelopmentsRetail Industry in IndiaRetail industry is one of the largest growing industries in India. In India it has economy of 13% GDP. India has uppermost number of outlets per person and it is 7 per thousand. Retail sector has over 14 million outlets operates in India. Indian retail space per capita at 2 sq. ft. / person is lowest in the world and Indian retail thickness of 6 percent is highest in the world. India has an annual income of over 45 lakh from 1.8 million households.The retail industry is divided into two sectors; the first is organized and second unorganized sectors.
a). Organized sector:-
It mostly target market is urban area and their target customer is high income and middle class.
eg:- Hypermarkets, Retail chains, supermarket and Retail outlets etc.

b). Unorganized Sector:-
It refers to the conventional formats of low-cost vending. It is mostly run by localities in their respective regions. Its target market is rural areas and semi-urban regions and their Targeted customer is middle and lower middle...

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