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Bhitargaon Temple, Kanpur District Essay

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The city, known as the industrial center of the largest state of the country, U.P., is popular for housing a majority of cotton, woolen and leather industries. Most of the industries are situated on the bank of the Ganga River.
Kanpur, one of the emerging metropolitan cities of India, hosts to people from varying cultural and mythological background, and thus, has many beautiful temples, mosques, churches, and Gurudwaras. One of the most visited shrines is Bhitargaon Temple, situated in the Kanpur district.

Bhitargaon is a town in the district of Kanpur, and is well known for its Hindu temple, the Bhitargaon Temple. Bhitargaon village is located about 43 kilometersfrom Kanpur. It lies on the Kanpur-Hamirpur road, from which you need to take a left turn from Sarhto reach the village. Kanpur is the nearest big railway-head and airport.The temple is open from 7 AM to 7 PM on all days. Pets are not allowed on site.
The Bhitargaon Temple is a brick building with a terracottapanel front. It stands at a height of 15.41 meters, and is a masterpiece having its origins in the Gupta dynasty period. Being set in mud mortar, Bhitargaon Temple is an excellent example of the skillful craftsmanship of workers who decorated the exteriors of the temple with intricate carvings on the brick and terracotta panels. The sanctum of the temple, however, stands incomplete, indicating the absence of an upper chamber that was struck by lightning and destroyed in the 18th century.
The Bhitargaon Temple faces east, and has a square plan with double recessed corners. There is a tall pyramid shaped spire over the GarbhaGriha. The walls are decorated with terracotta panels depicting aquatic monsters, Shiva, Vishnu, etc. When Alexander Cunningham, the British archaeologist, first visited the site in 1877 and 1878, the remains of the porch and of the Ardhamandapa were still visible; bothof which, later, collapsed.

Bottom Rows of the BhitargaonTemple
In 1894, the Public Works Department (PWD) prepared a budget for the repair of the Bhitargaon Temple using bricks of the same size. This budget was deemed excessive however, and only a quarter of the amount was sanctioned. Despite of this, no action was taken for the temple’s repair, and as a result the entire porch collapsed in the year of 1895.
In 1905, the repair work was finally started, under the supervision of a PWD official,who erected the entire body of the temple in an unrelieved straight vertical line. On top of this,he applied a thick coat of plaster till a height of about three and a half meters from ground level. He finished up this plaster with gleaming white paint. J Ph. Vogel carried out a survey in 1907, followed by one by...

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