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Plastic bags are the leading visible signs of the pollution that extends across our planet. It is actually a rare chance to ascertain a strip of road, watercourse bank or ocean front that doesn't have a couple of plastic bags littering the locale. The creation of every new bag means that slightly a lot of addition of damage to the environment daily. Bhutan first banned in use of plastic bags in 1999. This was reinforced in 2005, and again in 2009 as Plastic bag poses an excellent threat to the environment therefore, it was prohibited in Bhutan. The plastic bags stay a profit to retailers and customers, but their impact on the environment was reconsidered as mentioned but, the ban has been mostly ineffective. The prohibition of using plastic bags has been challenged by the people. Bhutan government initially wasn’t setting up a strong foundation because if they were than despite the ban people wouldn’t dare to use it, the amendment of law and set of rules were weakly formed since the ban of Plastic bag rather than tributary to waste management, it created a lot more tension because individuals are still seen using the bag.

It is clear that the problem of bag waste could be a complicated one and can't be tackled simply. Although the present plastic ban is simply for carry luggage, doma wrappers and frozen dessert pouches, majority of the plastic wastes comprise primary packaging materials like chips packets, wai wai packets, sweet wrappers and an endless sort of different merchandise. It is impossible, nor sensible to put a whole ban on all plastics as most of them go with essential things that area unit used on a everyday. The idea to ban plastic in Bhutan grabbed international headlines and garnered international attention and appreciation. However the concept was solely to be in name because, individuals didn't stop utilization of plastic bags, and they use the bags illicitly from the border line of India. (Phuntsho, 2013). Since the starting of the utilization of plastic bags virtually every bit of plastic that we've ever created, used and thrown away remains here on this planet and can be here for hundreds of years to return And still these days, the plastic ban, to its true sense, is nevertheless to search out a position in Bhutan. So to make Plastic ban more effective we need to come up with an alternatives. People usually go to shop and obtain one or two items and still are given two to three plastic at a time. The people have become an overgenerous wasteful society. If we have a tendency to simply say no to Plastic bags and carry our own bags we might lessen down the waste in landfills. Or even collect the Plastic bags every time provided a new one, it takes a little effort to recollect and reuse them. Reusable bags can make much more effort in bringing down the waste management problem. People need to realize and understand a full awareness program. Media can also help in minimizing the waste of plastic bags such as acting upon it...

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