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Nothing is more horrible then the atrocities that took place on December 14th 2012 in Sandy Hook Connecticut, when students at the Sandy Hook Elementary school were gunned down by twenty years old Adam Lanza. who suffered from an obsessive compulsive behavior, and had an odd fascination with mass shootings, when he entered the school carrying more than thirty pounds of ammunition and Lanza had three guns, one was a semi-automatic bushmaster rifle, and two pistols, Lanza then killed twenty first- grader students, and six adults, his mother being one of them, all in eleven minuets. And even though there is evidence he obviously intended to kill that day there is no clear motive. The “shooting ...view middle of the document...

I’m not sure if it was because the whole event was so bizarre itself that the details are still yet uncertain. I also couldn’t help to notice there was about twenty pictures showing the victims’ families at the memorial events and after every single picture there was captioned briefly stating the headline of the picture then the same brief summary of what occurred saying “Adam Lanza reportedly shot his mother Nancy Lanza last Friday before he killed 26 others, including 20 children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School” (CT Post). It was unnecessary to repeat it so many times I almost felt like I didn’t need to read the other captions because I knew what it was going to say already. This again brought to conclude the reports purpose was to reach the local communities interest not so much everyone else’s.
The next news source I examined for any biasness related to the incident was the Washington Post, Washington’s D.C local news and before I know it I started to feel confused, the report stated many graphic specific details that were very blunt. However I couldn’t help to feel the report failed to mention each victim’s name. Instead the report put all the children in the same category, by saying things like “The children who were evacuated from the school said later that they had been told to keep their eyes closed until they were outside” (Washington Post). I also looked at how the report chose its terminology. For example, in some instances the report, instead of saying he or she stated, the report said “according to Marcucilli” it just gave me a sense of feeling that the report was not simply stating their quotes, but also putting in an opinion as well which is basically saying what he or she is saying is not confirmed until its proven to be true it may not be and that being said this report is just trying to get as much as attention as they can by using such graphic terminology.
The third source I read over was the one of the best known news sources out there, the CNN news site, Surprisingly I didn’t find as much as biasness in the report as I was expecting to find. My first findings were when I realized the news report said Lanza was “packing four other guns and nearly 500 rounds of ammunition” which I know is incorrect. This leads me to question how much of this report is factual and how much of it is estimation, and how are the viewers supposed to tell the difference. Also I was very confused by the fact that CNN, for some reason, had about ten to fifteen pictures of the mass shootings that occurred in the past, with the captions stating the events that occurred. Honestly, I didn’t get the point of it. It was not necessary if I...

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