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Bible Essay

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God told Isaac that his wife Rebekah that she will give birth to two sons very soon who will represent two nations. One brother would be stronger than the other brother and their names will be Esau and Jacob. When Rebekah wnet into labor Esau was born first and was really hairy. Jacob is smooth skinned when he was born and was born right after Esau. Esau was holding onto Jacobs heel. Isaac’s sons grew up to be completely opposite than alike. Esau was a hunter and was a big man while Jacob was different. Jacob stays at home and was soft-spoken but quick-witted. One day when Esau came home famished, he wanted to be fed and agreed to give Jacob his inheritance rights in exchange for a bowl of soup.
Like his own father, Isaac prospers in Canaan and despite occasional errors in judgment he enlarges his property making alliances with area rulers and continuing to follow monuments to God. One day, when Isaac is old and blind he will instruct Esau to catch some game and prepare him a meal so that he may give the elder son his blessing. When Esau is gone, Rebekah helped Jacob deceive his father while preparing a separate meal and disguising the younger son with hairy arms and Esau’s clothing. When Jacob gives Isaac with the meal he made him, Isaac could smell Esau’s clothing and felt the hairy body and then proceeded to bless Jacob. He had promised before to him that the given thing from God’s covenant and a bigger rep than his brother. Esau got back home to discover the bad things but it was too late. Isaac was very upset and said that he couldn’t take back the stolen blessing.
Jacob runs because he was scared of Esau and traveled to the house of where his uncle Laban lived in the upper Mesopotamia. While traveling Jacob had a dream of a stairway that lead up to heaven where some angels and where God were at. In the dream God promised Jacob the same exact covenant he did before with Abraham and and Isaac. Jacob arrived at his uncle Laban’s house where he agreed to help work for his uncle in exchange for Laban’s daughter Rachel in marriage. Laban deceives Jacob into marrying Leah who was Rachel’s older sister before marrying Rachel. The two wives compete for Jacob’s favor and then went along with the maids and then gave birth to eleven sons and only one daughter.
After twenty long years Jacob paid attention to God’s wanting and leaves to return to Canaan and took his family, his sheep, and Laban’s collection of idols. Rachel stole the idyllic figurines from her father hid them under her skirt when Laban tracks down the fleeing clan in the desert. Not able to procure his stuff. Jacob prepares gifts to appease his brother and dividing his family and belongings into two camps, spent the night alone on the river Jabbok. Jacob meets God who was disguised as a man and physically wrestles with Jacob until dawn. Jacob demands a blessing from his opponent and then the man blesses Jacob by renaming him Israel, which meant he struggles with God.
The next morning,...

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