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I have heard that Satan has come from heaven but was never really sure. So for my research paper I asked where Satan came from and how he was created. Answers for this question are found in many places in the Bible. Satan was one of the highest angels until was overcome with pride. He was thrown out, and hell was created. Hell was first for Satan but was then opened for everyone when Adam and Eve sinned.
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There are many verses in the Bible that show how how Satan came to be. Some of them are not straight ford but some give a good description. Most of the verses that describe where Satan comes from are in the book of Revelation.
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Satan has already been defeated. He has not been completely destroyed though, because God wants to give us a challenge. Satan is scared because he knows that when God returns you've a completely removed from everything. Romans 16:20 says “and God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus be with you. Amen. My response to this is: Satan should just give up. He knows he is going to be defeated. He probably is too focused on destroying other peoples life to think about himself being destroyed.
The Bible calls “The God of this world”. God in the beginning created three angles, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel. Revelation 12 tells how Satan was taken out of heaven. It called Satan a dragon who took stars and cast them down. When the Lord comes again Satan will be cast down and “Shut up” forever. My response to this is: I think that Lucifer should have been glad that he was created. He had a wonderful wife and he became full of pride. I think he still doesn't realize that what a mistake he has made. He had the best of everything. He was almost 2nd in command. He never had to work or anything
The Devil wants was one of the highest ranking angles. he overflowed with pride and threw a large rebellion against the Lord. Then the Lord threw him down to the earth. Hell was Created. Hell was at first for Lucifer but when Adam and eve at from the tree it opened the gates for everyone else that does not follow God. My response to this is: He should have made the right decision. He had enough in heaven. I think he did what some of us do when we get in trouble. We pull other people in with us and try to put...

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